This website is our commitment to bring you fresh insight into the Spiritual energies at work in your life and in the World today.

We are dedicated to helping you make your connection with these Spiritual energies and so helping you evolve towards your highest potential – so that you can be the best that you can be – and play your unique part in helping the whole of humanity evolve too.

We bring you information, and effective aids and techniques which are wonderfully simple yet profound, to help you to transform yourself.

For the curious, for the committed, for the beginner, for the dedicated and seasoned seeker after spiritual learning and truth… whichever of these you are, this is for You…

If you want companions on the journey, practical support and spiritual teaching and tools that are down to earth and easy to understand and use in your everyday life….

This website is brought to you by a partnership whose work and life is dedicated to you, and to the Ascended Masters who guide and protect us all. The information and spiritual tools here are brought to you in the utmost good faith.


About Us

Claire East is a gifted seer, dedicated absolutely to the service of Spirit and the highest good of humanity.

Claire has been aware of worlds beyond the physical since a very early age, and was surprised when she discovered, as a child, that this awareness is not available to everyone. Claire can read the Akashic records, where our spiritual lives are recorded, and she has a deeply personal and dynamic relationship with the Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light and Love which she actively serves. She has spent many years learning and training, and teaching and helping others – now is the time for her to make her skills available to a much wider audience, through the medium of the world wide web of information that is the internet.

What makes Claire so very special is not simply the extent and power of her clairvoyant ability; it is that she exerts herself daily, minute by minute, to use her gift to advance humanity on the path towards the Light. Claire accepts her gift as a sacred trust in the service of the higher good, and honours this responsibility. Claire's integrity and sincerity are as considerable as her ability and dedication; she never shirks her responsibility to convey the Masters to us, no matter what the personal cost to her might be.

Cobolt is established at the behest of the Masters and Higher Beings who communicate with Claire, and under their guidance. Cobolt is created help you to bring the Masters into your life, consciously, and to further the purpose of Light in this world.

Aspects of the journey

Cobolt has been created as an instrument for the Ascended Masters.

It is through this that we endeavour to give the wisdom of the Masters and other Light Beings which was known previously only to adepts of old. Now instruction has been given to bring this spiritual knowledge to all people for their development and for the benefit of humanity.

The information given has been guided throughout by our beloved Masters and is to further our self knowledge, developing consciousness and self realization, as well as a greater understanding of our place in the Universe.

The Masters support us on our path, in our questing, because of their great love of humanity . Much is to be revealed from the dimension of the Masters, some of this has been known to the esoteric world and some has not. Now that humanity is going through the process of profound change, the time has come for greater knowledge to be released to aid the rapid acceleration of consciousness.

Cobolt aims to bring in this ancient and new knowledge and make it available in practical ways for each individual to embrace and understand. We are grateful and deem it a great honour to have been chosen to prepare the way…

Cobolt Connection supports you on your path, your spiritual journey to a place of joy.

There is something for everyone at, whether you are beginning your journey more consciously now, or whether you would like to go deeper into the greater mysteries.




masters of the universe - These are highly evolved beings from various dimensions and planes of existence. They bring different energies to humanity and the earth. The more conscious we become and the more aware we are of these beings… the more we can consciously access them. This gives us the opportunity to connect, create, play and learn with them. ‘Masters of the Universe’ includes Ascended masters, archangels and the angelic heirarchy and light beings. The Masters of the Universe want us to connect with them more consciously; they are real and dynamic beings with powerful ways of helping us here on the Earth plane. Although they exist in a different dimension, the Ascended Masters in particular have a great understanding for how it is to be in a physical body (in the 3rd dimension), and can help in expanding our consciousness and understanding the greater reality beyond our physical existence.
archangel michael - Archangel Michael calls us to Truth, Integrity and Power. He demands that we develop and rely upon our inner knowing and the spiritual worlds, to develop this within us he will strip away all that which belongs to the old, and anything that is ‘no longer true' for us. Michael's energy is very powerful and mistakenly fiery! He uses his sword to cut and bless. Archangel Michael and his blue lightning angels protect instantly. Michael calls us to speak our truth and stand in our power as an IAMness. Archangel Michael is very close in our consciousness at this time heralding the new age – an age of resurrection, of joy.
ascended master lord buddha - Lord Buddha's gentle aura of compassion, wisdom and strength, embraces the planet and everyone on it. He sustains the divine spark of consciousness for the evolution of humanity. Lord Buddha unceasingly brings you back into the light of the divine in a very loving, gentle and unassuming way. Lord Buddha's energy is needed very much at this time to balance the energies of the human soul.
ascended master djwal khul - DK is a Teacher who has vast knowledge of the mysteries. Also known as "The Tibetan" and DK, he trains souls to embrace the Christ Consciousness and prepares them for service to humanity. Djwal Khul can remove fear-based processes from your soul memory. He is Messenger of the Masters. DK has recently ascended, and because of this he relates strongly to how it is to be incarnated in this consciousness, at this time.
ascended master julian - Guardian of the Threshold of the Passing, Master Julian Works with Lord Sananda (Master Jesus) on Karmic Board but he is not a board member. Master Julian can be called upon to help the process we call dying he will help make the transition from this world into the Light easier for the soul departing he will, through his great love, hold the portal open and help the soul move into the realm of love with greater ease. Julian can also be called upon to strengthen, uphold and ease the grief of the family and loved ones who are mourning.

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