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Our earthly time is divided into Ages, each of which lasts approximately 2160 years, and is ruled by an astrological sign. We are steadily moving into the Aquarian Age and its new electrical-type energies. We have been in the Piscean Age since the time of Jesus’ incarnation.

The Aquarian Age is going to develop a new consciousness in us. Already we can see freedom of information, the speed of communication and travel, new technology, new scientific discoveries, occurring so fast we can hardly keep up! These breakthroughs all herald the changing times.

We are in a transition time now, where people are being nudged to leave behind the Piscean consciousness and embrace the new. In about ten years’ time we will be more fully in the energy of the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Age was about "dreaming the dream", the inner journey for the individual, whereas the Aquarian Age is about becoming the dream for humanity.

It is a great honour, and something truly special, to be given the chance to live through the dawning of a new age, a new consciousness. Being alive now to experience it is a rare and privileged position for your soul and its journey. Learn more about the new consciousness!

   Want to know more about what's coming in the future, and why life is in turmoil now? This information is available for purchase online in a 15 page PDF document at a cost of AUD$9.95, which also includes an A4 page symbol.

    Feedback: "A truly unique experience while I viewed your website. A pure breath of fresh air for light bearers to consume... this is magnifecent, to the point, and objective information unlike anything else I have read on the internet!!! In love and light Natalie"

- Natalie Abshire
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