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Yes, Atlantis really did exist! It was a very advanced civilisation that existed from about 35,000 BC to about 10,000 BC. Atlanteans had extraordinary technology, power and knowledge, but, towards the end of that time, failed to use this power and knowledge wisely. Because of this, the civilisation was destroyed by flood.

In the Atlantean Age we had developed to a very advanced technical level; we had highly developed psychic ability and were very skilled in the use of energy and light. In Atlantis these powers were abused by some; genetic monstrosities were created and a psychic war was waged. As a defence, our third eyes were closed; the civilisation collapsed.

Those Atlanteans who were committed to using the knowledge and power for the benefit of humanity were given advance warning of the impending flood and escaped. They took the sacred wisdom to five different locations on Earth, from which new spiritual traditions and civilisations began. This is one reason we have so many symbols and myths that are very similar throughout different traditions, religions and cultures.

Many souls who lived during the time of Atlantis are living now in America and Australia, as humanity is once again being challenged to use new technology, knowledge and power ethically, for the highest benefit of all.

Understand how this struggle is being re-enacted in our time. We must do it differently this time – this is our world karma!

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- Natalie Abshire
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