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Ascended Master Cards

Never before have such a powerfully transformative deck of cards hit the palm of your hands.

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These exquisite Ascended Master Cards have been blessed with the beautiful and loving energies of the Masters of the Light, helping you to uplift, empower and transform. Each card, unique in it’s symbol and vibration, directly imprints on your energy field thus shifting your vibration, giving you clarity, guidance and deep healing.

Contained in each pack are 40 inspirational cards, as follows:

24 different Master cards – each represents and draws on the energy, colour and vibration of a particular Ascended Master.  Each image on the cards depicts the Master in symbolic form…….

7 chakra cards – showing the colour and symbol of each of the seven main chakras.  Working with these will help balance, expand and energize your chakra system.

9 inspirational cards – these were given directly from the Masters for our upliftment, healing and joy in the 21st century consciousness.

As these cards have been blessed by our beloved Ascended Masters they are in a sense ‘sacred’ and as such should be treated with respect.  The cards themselves are not sacred but what they represent is – they are given to us in love for our highest good.

Price: AUD$59.95

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