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The Chakra that you most need to refine is your Crown Chakra!

Pearly White: Unity with God (or Spirituality); Gateways to other dimensions, cosmic connection.

The crown chakra is your connection with your God and Higher Self. There are many gateways in the crown chakra which, when open, connect you to other dimensions and the cosmos.


Want a greater spiritual experience? Harmonize this chakra using the information given in the 10 page pdf document and meditation CD available here online. The PDF document and meditation CD on this Chakra can be downloaded for AUD$24.95

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Chakra Book hugely popular chakra book by Claire East, packed full of inspiring information on each chakra, emphasizing the karmic lessons held within each chakra – a must read for the journeying soul!!

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The Ascended Master that can help you with this Chakra is Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

Ascended Masters work with and through the different energies of the seven main chakras, and they can greatly assist you in healing and harmonizing the karmic lessons that may be held within each chakra, as well as guiding you in all aspects of your life.

To help you consciously connect with and be guided by these great beings, there is a range of products available for purchase on each Ascended Master, including meditation CDs, Master vibrational oils, Ascended Master books Volume I and Volume II and individual information on each Master in a 10 page pdf form.



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