In the monthly Holding the Light sessions, we do a simple ritual. We are endeavoring to create a thought-form of a Divine Chalice, from which humanity can drink and be uplifted and transformed. Here is a simplified version of this which you can also participate in. We do this at the new moon; you can, of course, do this at any other time you feel moved to do so.

Light a candle and sit quietly in your sacred space. Close your eyes, take your focus inwards and breathe into your belly, letting go a little more with each out-breath.


Stand up and raise your arms as if you are a chalice ready to receive the Divine Light. Now, with this in mind, say the chalice prayer while you are still standing:

God of our Hearts,
To you we raise our whole being,
A vessel emptied of self;
Accept, O Lord, this our emptiness,
And so fill us with your self
Your life, your light, your love,
That these your gracious gifts may radiate through us
And overflow the CHALICE OF OUR HEARTS,
Into the hearts of all with whom we come in contact,
Revealing unto them
The beauty of your joy and wholeness
And the serenity of your peace
Which nothing can destroy.

Then sit again, feeling yourself as the chalice allowing the energies to pour into you. Imagine the chalice above your head, powerful, beautiful and divine; feel it or see it as clearly as you can.
Now take the chalice and use it for any situation or person in the world who may need this loving transformative power. For example, see the energy pour out from the chalice to the people of the Middle East, or to refugees, or to political leaders, or to one of your loved ones – saying : “Let this living light be used for their highest good.”
To finish, take the chalice and drink from it yourself letting the spirit fill you.
Gently come back into your physical body by bringing your awareness to your feet on the ground and your hands in your lap; breathing deeply into the belly again. Stand and face your candle, which is symbolic of the Divine Light, and say confidently I AM THAT I AM.

(The more of us that join together at this time of the new moon throughout the world, the greater the energy of peace, love and joy we will create - so please join us!)

Click here to download the Chalice of Living Light Ritual and Prayer.

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