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These 24 guided meditation CDs have been created as instruments for our Beloved Ascended Masters, and as such have been guided throughout by the Masters.

During these beautiful meditations Claire takes you on a journey to meet with these magnificent beings, the Ascended Masters. Because Claire is able to 'see' and connect with the Masters and their divine energies she is able to facilitate others to also experience the Masters; so the guided meditation is much more than a meditation - it is a real communication with the particular Master that you have chosen, and that experience can be life changing for you.

During each meditation Claire will take you to the Master's Etheric retreat, which is the place in the etheric worlds from which they focus their love, compassion, teachings, wisdom and guidance towards humanity. Each Master gives humanity a WORLD MESSAGE, that benefits you and, through you, the world.
The benefits from having a more conscious connection to these great loving beings is immeasurable - you will feel more purposeful in your life, your soul will be nourished, and your heart will be full with love and knowing.


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