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June 21, 2017






Happy Solstice! 
Spare a moment for the solstice energy today, and give thanks for all the sun and its glorious life, light and warmth gives us.  As we know, Solstice is a very ancient celebration of the sun’s forces – in Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day (light), in the Southern Hemisphere it is the shortest day (light).
We join with all our ancestors in recognizing the power and importance of Nature, of which we are a part, and also custodian.
Each Solstice is a turning point, a change in energy.  At this time in 2017, there is a powerful energy surge to bring in a new cycle, new opportunities, a new vibration.  There is a ‘forceful’ almost ‘fierce’ feeling to this Solstice energy that can create irritation within, and brooding without.  This sense of forcefulness can be understood as a creative push to bring something new in… dare to do it.
In a way, the Solstice energy initiates and foreshadows the next six months ‘til the next Solstice.  So its good to take note of what is going on in your life, and what new thing, new idea, is trying to be birthed through you.  This happens over the next few weeks, not just today.
There is a feeling of uncertainty in the world, and of change, and of not knowing which way situations in your life will go.  Over the next few months there is a sense of secrets waiting to be revealed, that feeling of things just out of reach, of not being quite there yet.
The next six months looks more loving, more caring, a warm lovely energy flowing, it’s a more feminine energy.  To really embrace this, and feel it, you need to be open and receptive to it.  It helps to say:  IAM AND I FEEL.  It is your divine right to feel fully ALIVE, and enjoy life.
Our minds are becoming more and more digitalized, that is, effected by the very fast digital world; this digital world has created a vibrational field that is engulfing the planet, pulling us in, making it harder for us to remain centred, still, individual, and you.  The digital field triggers us all the time, with too much to process.  We need to become more conscious of this and choose consciously when to enter into that digital field, and when to take and make our own field, that is, remember to own your SPACE, just for you.  Take time to think, consider, ponder.  Claim your own PACE also, and connect with your own SPIRIT within.  Doing this in Nature, is especially good and beneficial.
Many blessings,
May 11, 2017





Today, 11th May, is Full Moon, a deeply spiritual and insightful few days.  
When the moon is full, there is to some extent an extra gravitational pull, which is particularly strong this month and can make us feel ‘heavy,’ but it does facilitate within us an energy release, a time of deep inner cleansing.  This month can be revelatory, overwhelming or ecstatic.  For those who don’t like change, it may feel like an earthquake is going off within.  
There may be actual significant earthquakes during May.
The energies we are working with feel very electrical, sparky, and will sometimes feel like fireworks going off on the mind level.  It’s also a good time to give thought to long term planning, because whatever we sow in May we will reap in the future.
There is a tremendous amount of pent-up stuff within us, and within the world, that needs clearing.  This is the stuff we normally give to the ‘Keeper’, that inner part of us that we ‘dump’ our unresolved or ‘too hard’ stuff on, to deal with later… well, the Keeper is now overflowing, overloaded, overwhelmed, and likely to erupt in this energy, which could mean that you may find yourself severing unwise ties, whether emotional, relational, or financial.  This is deep clearing and cleansing, especially the things that bind us and stop us living the life within us.  
In recent months life has given us many opportunities to reset our personal vibratory frequency – an upgrade both emotionally and mentally – its as if we are about to change colour.  This may be expressed as you wanting to wear, or be attracted to, different colours, colours that you are not normally attracted to.  This would indicate that you have had an‘upgrade’ and are no longer vibrating under your old vibration.  Each colour has its own vibrational frequency, which is why we perceive them as different colours. For instance, red is a slow vibration and purple is a fast vibration.  No colour is greater or less than any other, they are all energy.
There is, at present, a subtle revolution going on in the peoples of the world, it is a revolution from within each of us, and is from the ground up.  It is about YOU, it is about quietly shaking up the status quo, it is about Higher Mind fireworks, and about your soul remembering its deepest and highest potential.
The month of May is an exciting time, but not a restful time.  Be creative, do something different, change your routine, there lay the opportunities.
Mantra to help you for the next few months:
Many blessings,
March 23, 2017



From 21st March for a couple of weeks we are in Equinox time. 

At this change in seasons a powerful surge of energy is released, which affects all living things, the plants and animals really feel it.  We humans have generally ‘inoculated’ ourselves from the power of the seasonal changes, partly because we live and work mostly indoors, and we have also disconnected our energy and life force from the Earth’s energies.  Which is sad for us.


This particular Equinox energy is strong, it is forceful, surprising, can be life-changing, and can be destructive.  It is the force necessary to move us forward, bring in the new, and flip us out of any place or situation where we feel stuck. 


The peacock is the symbol for right now, and the next six months.  It describes the current energies perfectly, and the lessons it brings us.  If the peacock was a human we would say he, peacock-man, had a gloriously balanced, harmonized, and strong solar plexus chakra, radiating genuine self-confidence (not ego), bright insights, refinement, vibrancy, integrity, great beauty and grace. 


The peacock is a ‘high vibration’ bird, so high that it is often associated with nobility, or royalty (royalty being a symbol of our higher selves), its colours are extraordinarily beautiful, and it is known mostly for its ability to amaze and thrill us all with the sudden unfolding of its tail feathers.    For this reason, the peacock is associated with ‘sudden transformation,’ which is the theme of this time, and I can ‘see’ the transformation happening in many.  It’s a transformation that can be colourful and beautiful, just like the peacock.


Peacocks, like many birds, can be ‘stand-offish’ and at times aggressive, so they also symbolize protection, and the many ‘eyes’ displayed on the tail feathers symbolizes, amongst other things, ‘watchfulness.’   Watchfulness is a good word for now, we need to be diligent, grounded, centred and aware, as there is a lot of negativity circulating that could stop us moving forward, and dampen our drive to transform ourselves, especially our way of expressing ourselves (i.e. identity).


Mediating, contemplating, pondering on the image of the peacock, and getting lost in its beautiful colours will help us with this current energy.  This energy surge is to remind us that we are amazing, and that we should dare, just like the peacock, to show our true colours (soul colours).  It will become less and less easy to hide our real selves. 


Be your peacock-self!!









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