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March 19, 2018



Equinox this year, March 20/21, is more potent than usual, it is a time of raising our awareness, and deep and sudden healing opportunities leading us into the renewal energy of Eastertime.
It is not always obvious, but there is a higher purpose to your life, you have unique gifts and talents that make a contribution to life.  We call this our ‘life purpose’ and the form it takes can vary over one’s lifetime, but not the essence of it.  Your life purpose is what gives you energy, it energizes you, you feel enthused, spirited, it’s the things you love doing.  It can be as simple (and profound) as making others feel at ease, or making people laugh, or it can be as profound (and simple) as being a great scientist or leader of people.  It is always what you are naturally drawn to.  It is not necessarily easy to do, it will have its challenges.
Whatever you love doing will always benefit others in some way, for it is the Law of the Universe that when you use your highest gifts and powers you automatically uplift (heal) others, and evolve your Self.
Your inner knowing and aspirations, hopes and wishes, all indicate what is possible for you in this life;  for yours are not the same as mine – why is that?  Because we all have different paths, different destinies.  You already know inwardly what your purpose is; it is your greatest dream for yourself.
As I have said many times, we have all incarnated at a time of great transition, we knew before we incarnated what we were in for!  That there would be new frequencies, new and very different energies to deal with, and that eventually this would established on this earthly plane greater love, sustained healing, forgiveness and harmony.  We knew it wasn’t going to be easy learning to constantly adjust to the ever-changing energies we live in, but we are doing it.  
You came to help bring in those new energies, new ideas, new ways of being, into every part of life.  You do this by being YOU.
Don’t be surprised that over this Equinox time (equal time) if your life purpose gets a boost, or becomes more clear, especially being shown the next step to take.  And quite possibly being given a little ‘shove’ in that direction.  
The over-arching lesson at the moment, and for some time is:  DETACHMENT.  Practise it, especially when it is challenging to detach from a situation, or person, or inner attitude.  And see what happens.  Detachment does not mean not connecting, or not loving.  It means staying centred in you, balanced and open, and allowing, allowing the flow of life to move through you.  It is a big subject.  Have a go.



March 01, 2018



During the next four days we are in the energy of the Full Moon;  the Moon has always been associated with the feminine and when its ‘full’ it’s power and influence towards Earth (and us) is greater, and fuller.  
Fierce feminine forces (or archetypes) have been working on us and with us for sometime, we can easily see this with various events of this time, like women finding the courage to speak out about sexual harassment and sexual abuse.  
This sense of feminine independence is building within us; there will be an inner drive to ground the feminine more fully, more consciously within us.  This applies to all genders, as we all have a feminine side as well as a masculine side.
We are in a process of deep transformation, that’s why there seems to be so much brokenness in the world.  We are having our strength tested daily, this is in order for us to achieve personal and soul success, and happiness.  Are you strong enough?
These fierce feminine forces facilitated by the outpouring of the Full Moon energies are likely to stir up any issues, concerns, attitudes to mothering (mothers), lovering (lovers), and our deep essential self that has, in most cases, been neglected, and is now desperate to be born, to be seen, respected, loved, especially by you.
Although these feminine forces are strong, quietly unyielding, and fierce, you are safe.  The magnificent Universal Mother force loves you, this means you are safe always, safe enough to grow.  Safe enough to be you.
Blessings of the feminine.



February 01, 2018




In Australia we have just witnessed the beautiful, mystical, powerful, intense Super Blue Blood Full Moon.  The impact of this is felt over all the world, but it has more impact on the zones that can see it, and especially on those who do see it.
There is a sense of destiny about the energies of this time, the seeds you plant now, will manifest over the next three years.  Events, feelings, thoughts, and actions taken around this time are a catalyst to a chain of events that will continue to unfold and unravel to the end of 2020.  
Decisions made now ‘set’ your destiny for the rest of this life, this has been building since the beginning of this year.  Look back over the main themes, ideas, patterns, changes, people, of the past month and you may discern the new that’s coming for you.  I hope it includes some play and naughtiness.
The Supermoon energy we are now still in is part of this, and opens us to something greater, deeper, and more beautiful than we are used to.  This Supermoon opened a portal to higher consciousness, a sweeter consciousness, and heralds what I’m calling the Time of Destiny.
We are truly ON THE VERGE of something great!  In May we see the beginning of the next big shift in consciousness… where many who are tightly holding on to the old ways, old thought patterns, old self are about to get a massive lightning bolt of electrical energy through them – that will shift things!  You can thank Ascended Master Sanat Kumara.
2018-2020 these three years are about action, about making it happen, in 3D down-to-earth reality.  The thinking, pondering, wishing, is done, now take action.  It is through taking action, being active, this year that you attract to yourself abundance, happiness, and fulfilment.  
Be happy in the energy.
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