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December 08, 2015






Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and joy in all you do!
PEACE ON EARTH;  GOODWILL TO ALL is a strong theme during the Christmas season.  We see it so often at this time of year that we don’t really read it or take it in… read it again with full presence, attention and consciousness.  It is the theme of this present moment in time.  Every year it is repeated because it is part of the Christ teachings, part of the Christ Consciousness; it is also our collective world lesson, or you could say our ‘world karma.’  This is what all souls incarnated now, previously, and in the future are learning:  PEACE.  Goodwill, is compassion, tolerance and understanding of others regardless of their religion or race or any other factor.  
As you ‘clink’ your classes in celebration of Christmas or the holiday season this year, remember in your soul to say ‘Peace.’  
During the recent world events that caused mayhem and loss, there was much bravery, but there was also an outpouring of fear (opposite to peace) that now touches us all.  This is normal, we feel threatened.  It is at these times, especially, when we should not dwell in the fear or negative thoughts, as this pulls us into the ‘dark’ but seek to, as I call it, ‘hold the Light’ within you.  This is a time when the ‘negative in our world is working overtime’ so it is important to protect yourself with loving thoughts, loving action, a sense of hope and strength, and to call on Archangel Michael to help uplift and protect you and your loved ones.  
The Ascended Masters and the Christmas angels are not well pleased with the negative forces that are trying to destroy our world.  The next few months sees their beautiful light forces streaming out powerfully to challenge these old ways, and any old stuck ideas.  This will effect all of us as individuals also.  
Peace starts with you.  Try practising peace within for five minutes a day.  We cannot let fear dominate the world, or ourselves.  You are here to Hold the Light.  As you do this call in the Master’s Light to imbue you, saying ‘IAMTHATIAM.’
Christmas day this year falls on a full moon.  It is a good time for family, though there is a great deal of lunar energy on that day.  We will see the family and our friends clearly, and also see our ‘place’ in the family clearly!  It could be a heightened emotional day if you feel insecure or have issues with the maternal side of your family.    Peace…  
Goodwill to all.
We are Light.  
Christmas blessings to all.
11:11 NEW MOON
November 11, 2015






The 11 and 12 November 2015 are powerful days that are ushered in by the energies of the New Moon, this will continue for many months.  The new moon traditionally represents a new beginning, and for this new moon this is particularly true.  It is a new chapter in one’s life, and whatever is started at this time will last, and will be true, and glorious.
It is a positive time, one where you will be especially guided through your night-time  dreams, your meditations, and any spiritual practice.  
Your soul is strong and evident at this time; at last your ego bends to the yearning of your soul.  Your soul is in the driving seat, it is directing you and your life at present, which means it is a time of destiny.  Your soul’s contract, that you incarnated with, is being blasted with feminine divine light and consciousness, whatever is in your soul’s contract is now at the forefront of your life.  The past fades and is meaningless;  relating now, loving now, is the only important task.  
Something is being manifested that is beyond your control, beyond your understand perhaps… let it happen.
There is soul commitment now.  Your essence has something to do with the progress of Spirit in our world, destiny calls you; the divine feminine calls you.
There is JOY;  there is PEACE.
Blessings in manifestation,
Blessings upon all those who gave their lives in service to their country.  
September 17, 2015






We are in ‘Supermoon Season,’ that is, we are experiencing three consecutive Supermoons from the end of August to mid-October, 2015.  A Supermoon is when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth; because of the force of gravity this creates a much stronger pull between the Earth and the moon.  This means we feel everything in a more heightened way, there is an extra power and energy radiating towards us and all living things, and the Earth itself over this period.  This is an amplified energy time, a time of added brilliance, emotions may rise, excitement rises; reactions rise…. Things are intensified.  Passions are intensified.
Added to this we are also experiencing eclipses, one has just passed, a partial solar eclipse on the 12/13 September (we are still ‘enjoying’ the effects of this!) and a total lunar eclipse on the 27/28 September.  
Because of the outpouring of spiritual energy through the Supermoon gravitational emphasis, the current eclipses become an even more powerful portal of energy, they are acting like a huge ‘START’ button, and are calling each of us to REALIGN something, so that we can more fully resonate with the recent changes in the Earth’s energy field, and our own energy field.  The eclipses are amplifying the Supermoon energy!  Time to start something.
For some time we have had the ‘Pause’ button on, pausing our lives, each of us in different areas of our lives and being.  Which sounds ironic as we have for the past five years felt very driven, this driving force has been initiated to help us ‘clean up our act’ and prepare for the new consciousness; we need a higher level of consciousness to keep up with the finer, faster energies, and their constant shifting and changing.  
We will gradually not feel so driven, but we will still at times feel confused, and through the inner process of realignment we will be questioning everything, especially our future direction - if you haven’t started this process, you will shortly.  
The reason for this is that it is time for us all to initiate our personal
Master Plan for ourselves and our lives (your Soul Master Plan).  The one your soul bought in with you, and the one possibly that your soul has been carrying around for a few lifetimes!  What kind of life do you want?  What’s missing?  How can I create it now? 
There is a now or never urgency with this, an inner urge to change everything.  The gateway is wide open, the possibilities are there.  This portal is not open very often, this is the time, and the moment, go through the gate without hesitation, you have ‘til end of November 2015.
The ‘Pause’ button is off now, and the ‘Start’ button is on now in regard to your life and your beliefs, its time to consider and reconsider your life and its circumstances, and what needs to shift. This is the most beneficial time to do it.  
Its time to find more ‘magic’ in your life – and let go of drudgery, or seeing your life as drudgery.  Its time to ‘download’ your dreams and make them reality, this eclipse energy works best through taking action. 
I am calling September and October 2015 the “Goddess” months, these are power months, hidden truths will be revealed, new fresh ideas about your future will appear, you will or may start thinking and acting differently to how you’ve been in the past. 
Call on your inner Divine Feminine to give you greater clarity about your personal Master Plan, and what the next steps are to its manifestation!
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