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February 01, 2018




In Australia we have just witnessed the beautiful, mystical, powerful, intense Super Blue Blood Full Moon.  The impact of this is felt over all the world, but it has more impact on the zones that can see it, and especially on those who do see it.
There is a sense of destiny about the energies of this time, the seeds you plant now, will manifest over the next three years.  Events, feelings, thoughts, and actions taken around this time are a catalyst to a chain of events that will continue to unfold and unravel to the end of 2020.  
Decisions made now ‘set’ your destiny for the rest of this life, this has been building since the beginning of this year.  Look back over the main themes, ideas, patterns, changes, people, of the past month and you may discern the new that’s coming for you.  I hope it includes some play and naughtiness.
The Supermoon energy we are now still in is part of this, and opens us to something greater, deeper, and more beautiful than we are used to.  This Supermoon opened a portal to higher consciousness, a sweeter consciousness, and heralds what I’m calling the Time of Destiny.
We are truly ON THE VERGE of something great!  In May we see the beginning of the next big shift in consciousness… where many who are tightly holding on to the old ways, old thought patterns, old self are about to get a massive lightning bolt of electrical energy through them – that will shift things!  You can thank Ascended Master Sanat Kumara.
2018-2020 these three years are about action, about making it happen, in 3D down-to-earth reality.  The thinking, pondering, wishing, is done, now take action.  It is through taking action, being active, this year that you attract to yourself abundance, happiness, and fulfilment.  
Be happy in the energy.
January 09, 2018


In this workshop Claire East, author, seer, teacher, discusses the influences and energies of 2018-2020, these are dynamic years ahead where much of society will change.
It is the Time of Destiny, where decisions and actions you take during this period will ‘set’ your destiny for the rest of this life, and possibly for a few lives to come.  
Its time for an upgrade!  Awareness of this very rare time will help you understand what’s happening in your world, and will assist you with the life-changing choices you may be making.  
VENUE:       Windsor Room, The Vincent, 107 Victoria Ave, Albert Park
DATE:          Sunday, 21 January 2018
TIME:           1pm - 5.30pm
COST:           $245.  Earlybird payment $220 (by 14 January)
DEPOSIT:     $100 by 14 January 2018
                      Please deposit in Claire East bank account:
                      BSB 733169   Account No:  526938
It is essential to confirm your booking as soon as possible
by emailing [email protected]
Refreshments will be provided.
December 22, 2017





Well, these are interesting times we are in!
Confusing clarity, intense nonsense, agony and ecstasy, wonder and groundedness.
One could say this is a peculiar Solstice this year, as, energetically it starts the New Year of 2018.  So 2018 starts now. That’s confusing.  
It also starts a new era in the world that will last for approximately 30 years.  And even though we are all caught up with, or overwhelmed with, or loving the Christmas energies, and the promise of a new year, and the holidays, underneath it all our real ‘soul’ focus is on our long range plans…  our personal soul contract beckons loudly.
With this new energy we will feel generally more grounded, more here in our bodies, on earth.  This is needed, especially to manifest here in 3D reality our higher purpose, our ‘dream’ for ourselves, and the world.  The external world will be very much in focus as we move forward.
What is contained in your own soul contract that you brought with you to this life?  What promises have you made?  If you feel at peace, and complete, then you know you have fulfilled it.  If you don’t, and you feel particularly driven, then you know that there is more to achieve, or more to learn, more to give, more to experience.  Much effort is required over the next few years to accomplish this, we are now just opening the door to it.  We have taken the first steps, it’s the next bigger steps we now need to take.
Over this holiday period, and for some months (Easter) to help yourself take these steps it would be good to practice SELF COMPASSION, and UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE.  These are elevated practices, creating within you space for the Spirit and your soul to expand within you, making room for miracles to occur in your life.  For wonder.  These are not easy, but have a go, just for 10 minutes day.  To make it easier you could ask Ascended Master Radiant One for help with self compassion, and Ascended Master Lady Nada for help with unconditional acceptance.
These two principles when embraced, even for a moment, will raise your vibrational frequency; and as we know, this needs to happen in order for each of us to ‘download’ the new consciousness.  To upgrade our beingness.
This Solstice, this holiday season, I wish you much true self compassion, and unconditional acceptance, for this is where peace starts.
I wish the world peace.
Merry Christmas!  
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