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May 01, 2019


There is a level of perfection within your soul that cannot be distorted by your mind or your karma, your dharma or yourself. That is the eternal bit of you; the rest of you and all that happens in daily life and how you respond to that, is potential learning, potential greatness, potential joy, potential love and so on, all of which can eventually be added to the eternal bit of you.   The eternal bit of you is your True Self.  Remember that as we move forward this year.  
As we finish with the ‘old ways’ there is a dynamic unfolding of Spirit to urge us into the new.  This spiritual surge makes the energies strong, deliberate, unfolding, transformative and decided.  We experience this as being ‘all over the place,’ sometimes feeling ‘up’ and excited, or overwhelmed and resistant to EVERYTHING.
We are in transition.  Its never easy. 
One way to balance your restless spirit, your transitional spiritual self, is to be in Nature more, outdoors, breathing in the air, breathing in the new, breathing in the spirit.  Consciously connecting with the Earth, and all that she has given.  
Matter is an incarnation of Spirit.  Earth is an incarnation of Spirit.  Does that knowing change how we treat our beloved Earth, and its plants, flowers, fruits, oceans, animals, humans?
Mantra:      I AM EARTH





March 31, 2019





Most people seem to be going through quite a lot at the moment, it has been in many ways a very challenging time.  We all seem to be in a hurry to call down all our unresolved karma and harmonize it all at once.  As if we are preparing for something in the future, and our soul wants us to learn and release a lot of very old baggage.
What we are preparing for Solstice 2020, that is, 21 December 2020, the beginning.
To help yourself and others through this preparation time, and the karmic challenges that may face you, we need to use what we have.  Light.  Divine Light. 
The power of Light, spiritual light, is growing day by day.  It wasn’t always so, in the distant past it took great concentration and intention to work with the Light, and gather it to oneself, or harness it.  Now, it’s easier, but we don’t understand this, or we’ve forgotten how to use it.
Your Higher Self is always connected to the Light, and you can call the Light, the radiant beautiful spiritual light to yourself at all times, it comes in through your Higher Self.
We think of using or visualizing light around us, or our loved ones, as a form of protection, and it does work, but actually if you call the Light to yourself, especially using the IAM (for example, say: “I AM LIGHT and I connect with my Higher Self”) what happens is that the light energy that connects to you is so strong it raises the vibration of everything in and around you, and that’s why it is protective.  
You can call the spiritual light to yourself and then radiate the light out intentionally from your whole being, or it can be focussed out through your eyes, or through your hands into others by touch. Intention is important. Light can be sent from yourself to anything, you can send it to an area of your body that needs healing, or to your future, or to your past, to your karmic contract, to other people and animals, plants, trees, pets, for their highest good.  You can send it to your purpose, to your mind, to your emotions, to your career, to your studies, even to your bank account!  Always finish this process by saying you are sending this light ‘under grace, and for the highest good.’  
If you are challenged at the moment, try sending the spiritual light to whatever is challenging for you.  
It is also good to visualize, feel, or say to yourself, ‘I AM A PILLAR OF LIGHT’ and see yourself standing in a powerful radiant ‘pillar of beautiful light’ coming down from the heavens through you and into the earth.  You will feel strong, centred, and more at ease.
February 04, 2019




January is the ‘doorway’ month, named for Janus the Roman god of beginnings and endings; and he is the Guardian of Doorways.  I have always liked the word ‘doorway’ it conjures up a threshold to something new, greater, exciting and possibly magical.  
January and the month it rules vibrates with a special kind of light, it is not a definite light, it’s a bit misty, or coming and going, as if we are in limbo, not quite sure of what’s happening and where we are going… and sometimes this January vibration gives a resistance to the future or the coming year.  Usually towards the end of January the light gets stronger, and we decide its okay we can do this.  
The light I’m talking about is not sunlight, but spiritual light, spiritual frequency, which is true for each hemisphere of the earth, regardless of the season the sun rules.
So, the end of each January is like a mini-initiation time, a decision by your soul to carry on with this journey throughout the coming year.
February is Latin for ‘purification’ (Februarius), so the energy and vibration of this month is to purify on all levels, in readiness for the year ahead.  This includes not just our physical bodies, but our mind and emotions… try not swearing in February.  This month remember that ‘words have power’ in the true understanding of that ‘logos has power’ we experience alchemy, and magic.
February’s energy is:  Declutter.  Renew.  Rebirth.  In that order.
On a soul level February is recommitting to one’s spiritual path, clarifying one’s vision and saying YES to it.   The sound vibration of the word ‘February’ is somewhat harsh, it has a no nonsense ‘let’s get on with it’ feel, exactly what we need at the beginning of each year.
Mantra for February:   I AM AND I RESPECT EACH DAY
Blessings of February,
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