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May 01, 2019


There is a level of perfection within your soul that cannot be distorted by your mind or your karma, your dharma or yourself. That is the eternal bit of you; the rest of you and all that happens in daily life and how you respond to that, is potential learning, potential greatness, potential joy, potential love and so on, all of which can eventually be added to the eternal bit of you.   The eternal bit of you is your True Self.  Remember that as we move forward this year.  
As we finish with the ‘old ways’ there is a dynamic unfolding of Spirit to urge us into the new.  This spiritual surge makes the energies strong, deliberate, unfolding, transformative and decided.  We experience this as being ‘all over the place,’ sometimes feeling ‘up’ and excited, or overwhelmed and resistant to EVERYTHING.
We are in transition.  Its never easy. 
One way to balance your restless spirit, your transitional spiritual self, is to be in Nature more, outdoors, breathing in the air, breathing in the new, breathing in the spirit.  Consciously connecting with the Earth, and all that she has given.  
Matter is an incarnation of Spirit.  Earth is an incarnation of Spirit.  Does that knowing change how we treat our beloved Earth, and its plants, flowers, fruits, oceans, animals, humans?
Mantra:      I AM EARTH





March 31, 2019





Most people seem to be going through quite a lot at the moment, it has been in many ways a very challenging time.  We all seem to be in a hurry to call down all our unresolved karma and harmonize it all at once.  As if we are preparing for something in the future, and our soul wants us to learn and release a lot of very old baggage.
What we are preparing for Solstice 2020, that is, 21 December 2020, the beginning.
To help yourself and others through this preparation time, and the karmic challenges that may face you, we need to use what we have.  Light.  Divine Light. 
The power of Light, spiritual light, is growing day by day.  It wasn’t always so, in the distant past it took great concentration and intention to work with the Light, and gather it to oneself, or harness it.  Now, it’s easier, but we don’t understand this, or we’ve forgotten how to use it.
Your Higher Self is always connected to the Light, and you can call the Light, the radiant beautiful spiritual light to yourself at all times, it comes in through your Higher Self.
We think of using or visualizing light around us, or our loved ones, as a form of protection, and it does work, but actually if you call the Light to yourself, especially using the IAM (for example, say: “I AM LIGHT and I connect with my Higher Self”) what happens is that the light energy that connects to you is so strong it raises the vibration of everything in and around you, and that’s why it is protective.  
You can call the spiritual light to yourself and then radiate the light out intentionally from your whole being, or it can be focussed out through your eyes, or through your hands into others by touch. Intention is important. Light can be sent from yourself to anything, you can send it to an area of your body that needs healing, or to your future, or to your past, to your karmic contract, to other people and animals, plants, trees, pets, for their highest good.  You can send it to your purpose, to your mind, to your emotions, to your career, to your studies, even to your bank account!  Always finish this process by saying you are sending this light ‘under grace, and for the highest good.’  
If you are challenged at the moment, try sending the spiritual light to whatever is challenging for you.  
It is also good to visualize, feel, or say to yourself, ‘I AM A PILLAR OF LIGHT’ and see yourself standing in a powerful radiant ‘pillar of beautiful light’ coming down from the heavens through you and into the earth.  You will feel strong, centred, and more at ease.
February 04, 2019




January is the ‘doorway’ month, named for Janus the Roman god of beginnings and endings; and he is the Guardian of Doorways.  I have always liked the word ‘doorway’ it conjures up a threshold to something new, greater, exciting and possibly magical.  
January and the month it rules vibrates with a special kind of light, it is not a definite light, it’s a bit misty, or coming and going, as if we are in limbo, not quite sure of what’s happening and where we are going… and sometimes this January vibration gives a resistance to the future or the coming year.  Usually towards the end of January the light gets stronger, and we decide its okay we can do this.  
The light I’m talking about is not sunlight, but spiritual light, spiritual frequency, which is true for each hemisphere of the earth, regardless of the season the sun rules.
So, the end of each January is like a mini-initiation time, a decision by your soul to carry on with this journey throughout the coming year.
February is Latin for ‘purification’ (Februarius), so the energy and vibration of this month is to purify on all levels, in readiness for the year ahead.  This includes not just our physical bodies, but our mind and emotions… try not swearing in February.  This month remember that ‘words have power’ in the true understanding of that ‘logos has power’ we experience alchemy, and magic.
February’s energy is:  Declutter.  Renew.  Rebirth.  In that order.
On a soul level February is recommitting to one’s spiritual path, clarifying one’s vision and saying YES to it.   The sound vibration of the word ‘February’ is somewhat harsh, it has a no nonsense ‘let’s get on with it’ feel, exactly what we need at the beginning of each year.
Mantra for February:   I AM AND I RESPECT EACH DAY
Blessings of February,
December 17, 2018




Solstice energies on the 21st/22nd December are aligning with the Full Moon this year, and we have the Christmas angelic energies surrounding us, and it’s the end of quite a year.  
2018 has been a strange year.  It has been exhausting, destabilizing, and yet at times exciting, and perhaps because of all this strange energy effecting us it has also been a ‘breaking free’ year.  Although I have to say the ‘breaking free’ part is highlighted only by the sense of one’s own internal ‘imprisonment.’  Its like we have become aware of how much we are a hostage to our circumstances.
On a soul level, which often seems to run counter to what we think we want, or how we think our lives should be, there is and will continue to be a craving for intensity (and you thought you wanted a quiet life).  Your soul craves intensity.  There it is all around you, look at your life this year.
Also, on a soul level, there is a continuing realignment of Spirit within us, and a realignment and greater understanding of the Divine, generally there is a moving away from outer authority.  This is very Aquarian; the consciousness (Aquarian Age) we are moving into.
As we move away energetically from the old stable steady ways, into the new, we will feel and have felt for some time, like we have set up house on a bed of quicksand.  
2018 was a year of daring.  2019 will be a year of ‘doing it differently.’
At this time, through the Solstice and Full Moon portals, and beyond into early January 2019, there is a great outpouring of spiritual energies towards Earth and her inhabitants.  This will give us a feeling that we are being bombarded by an extreme flooding of energies, ideas, emotions, past life memories, joys, and will at times make us feel ‘wrung out.’  There will be a sense of home with this, and a sense of the inevitable, this is both on personal level and a global political level.  (Mostly all immigration issues are in the end about a sense of home).
This unusual energy, which has been around slightly the past six months, and will continue to build through 2019/2020, will require you to use all your spiritual gnosis, all your spiritual sense, all your spiritual training, all your soul understanding, and your loving heart to make the most of life.  You will be tested on ‘holding the light’ within you when all sorts of things are chaotic, surprising, forceful or boring around you.  
Over the next two years, even the smallest seemingly inconsequential thing, like a word, a look, a smell, an old memory, etc., can slice through your energy field with consequences.  Being aware of this helps you not to fall into victim consciousness (which is Base Chakra stuff), victim consciousness abounds at the moment.
A good, but not easy, way to handle these energies and the daily events they bring, is to let them lead you, to surrender to the course of each day.  (This is not very 21st century where we want to control everything, (control is a masculine energy, surrender is a feminine energy: we have both within us).  This is not about giving up despairingly, but more about trusting (feminine) the destiny, your destiny, of the day.  Experiment; let’s see what destiny brings you, if you let go of trying to make it happen!
Remember to say ‘IAMTHATIAM,’ breathe, don’t over-speak.  Its okay to rest.  Ask for soothing.  And let the day happen.
August 30, 2018





This is a COMPLETION time, in preparation for a new beginning.  It’s a time to ‘finish up’ and throw out all that has delayed or limited you.  Clearing.  Cleansing.
There is a new path opening, the Path of Discovery, which is a very fluid, flexible path, as the name suggests, rather than one of absolute tight fixed goals.  It is the mystery of the unknown beckoning; it is a sense of questing from which something great can emerge.  It is the future.
Over the next few months the spiritual energies are cutting deep within us, bringing much needed healing.  We will be faced with our own individual core priorities, what is it that is really essential to our wellbeing, to our happiness? And what, or who, belongs to the old karmic self?  
For aeons your soul has been teaching you to question, and by that questioning process finding the answer, and finding your way.  This is good.  It is evolutionary.  Animals (generally) don’t question.  What is the question you haven’t asked?  The one that needs asking, to move you forward?    
Endings and new beginnings can be scary, they require surrender, letting go, and sometimes bring emotional turmoil, and much questioning; but it will be worth it.  You are going somewhere sacred, and the world needs you and your light.
At this time of completion, upheaval, and the new energies coming in, we need to be mindful of strengthening our spiritual protection daily to build it up.  Ask Archangel Michael or your own spiritual guides/higher self to give you this protection, so you are able to move forward into the new, with a strong, loving, focussed, sure and grounded heart. 
The Ascended Masters are seeking to quicken in you the sense and recognition of ‘that which is imminent’.
Mantra for month ahead:  I AM UNBOUND
July 28, 2018





A few hours ago we experienced a very rare and powerful event in our skies, the total lunar eclipse (a blood moon), visible in part or fully in most of the world, apart from America. (Which says something!)
This eclipse lasted for just over four hours, the longest lunar eclipse in over a century.  This makes it supercharged, radical, dynamic; expressing highly electrical and excitable energy.  Yet it feels ‘nice,’ cool and stretched out.  Ease.
We know that all eclipses open and close doors, from the old to the new, and in a spiritual sense are a vortex, or portal to ‘beyond the veil,’ or the other dimensions.  The time pre and post the actual eclipse are not the same, its as if during the eclipse, life halts, and after the eclipse a new and different energy is available, and life continues again but slightly differently.  
We are in eclipse season, this being the second one recently, and more to come.  This particular eclipse being so long in duration, that it kept the portal open a long time, delivers something very special.  Although it has passed now, we are still immersed in its energy and will be for some time.  
What has it delivered to us that’s special?  What has it delivered to you that is special?  Time will tell.  But I would say two words:  Transformation.  Destiny.  
And these two energy words are relating to each other under this lunar eclipse.  The transformation opportunity here is to release something very deep from the past, could be this life, or past life (s), or from your ancestral line that has been passed on to you.  It’s a reset.  Do it.
This may involve a radical change, a clean break from the past, a clearing of space, but this very time is crucial for your destiny, it’s a destiny point, a turning point, it is charged with high energy, and possibly high emotional intensity.  It’s when the gnawing restlessness of your soul takes over, is unfettered, and just gets on with it.  Gets it done.  Lets it go.  Breaks the old. If something is falling apart, let if fall.
If you allow this current energy to merge with you, (breathe it in) your destiny will make itself known right now.  You can do it.  What is rising within in you may feel bigger that you could possibly hold… let it rise anyway.  Don’t run from your destiny.  You are bigger than that.  You are ready for something new.
Mantra for the month ahead:   I AM MY DESTINY
June 20, 2018




Its Solstice time again!  The 21/22 June brings us Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) and Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere).  Solstice energy is a Gateway energy, bringing us a ‘high point’ and then a sense of ending, a moment of suspension, then a new beginning.  Twice a year, since the ancient times the Summer/Winter Solstice has been acknowledged and celebrated by our forebears.  It is probably humanity’s oldest continual ritual celebration that links us all back to our origins.  There are many ancient stone monuments that still exist, like Stonehenge, that mark and celebrate Solstice.  It is powerful and profound.
If you consciously acknowledge Solstice, you are linking your energy, your soul, your being with that ancient celebration and the power and presence of it.
Humanity struggles at the moment;  life often doesn’t make sense, our lives are chaotic, or dull, perhaps stuck.  The mind races ahead of the body.  But you will also feel at this time a surge of power, of energy, coursing through your body, exciting you for a moment or two.  It’s the new.  
Persist.  We are designed to complete.  So complete, using your unique self… what is unique about you?  Develop that, celebrate that.  What’s different about you?? Use that.  As we know, these are not ordinary times, but the good thing is you are not ordinary either.  You were born for these times.  Persist.  Complete.  No excuses.
Just before any Solstice a ‘secret gateway’ opens, through which all manner of rare, wonderful, and creative possibilities occur.  This is why the energy of this time, this Solstice week, is potent, empowering, life-enhancing, if we take the time to consciously connect to it.  Connect outdoors, in Nature, if possible.  Connect anyway.
Mantra for month ahead:      I AM STARLIGHT


May 11, 2018





We are preparing at the moment for a transition, it will be a change in tone and a change of focus.
We will over the next few years have a strong inner sense of a ‘quest for individuality;’  not in the old 1970’s sense of being an individual, not “I, Me and My” but on a deeper level - its about identity, and the expansion of your soul.
Essentially, it is about developing more your IAM, your IAMness.  And really feeling the sacredness of Self;  and through this having more and deeper connection with others, including animals, and all that is.  This is the counter-balance to the digital age where we are all in danger of losing any real connection, soul connection, to others and Nature.
This can be challenging, birthing a new self, especially for those who may hold on too strongly to who they think they are.  We are usually much more than we think we are.
Who are you if you peel away a few outer layers?  It can be exciting.  It can also be explosive, things erupting from within when you least expect them.
Using the ‘IAM’ mantra, particularly when you find yourself ‘off-centre’ or when life is challenging, will bring you instantly back to yourself.  It is also good to start your day, on waking, with saying ‘IAM.’
IAM brings you back to your core, your essential self, and because your IAM is part of your divine self, it must be expressed with respect.
Using this mantra energizes within you your own IAMness, which is beautifully empowering, and adds delicacy to your heart.  Also at this time you can expect sudden revelations on the mind level.
In light of the above, I have decided to offer you a series of IAM mantras for you to say, in accordance with the current energies as I see them.  It will help.
This month it would be good to say often:
March 19, 2018



Equinox this year, March 20/21, is more potent than usual, it is a time of raising our awareness, and deep and sudden healing opportunities leading us into the renewal energy of Eastertime.
It is not always obvious, but there is a higher purpose to your life, you have unique gifts and talents that make a contribution to life.  We call this our ‘life purpose’ and the form it takes can vary over one’s lifetime, but not the essence of it.  Your life purpose is what gives you energy, it energizes you, you feel enthused, spirited, it’s the things you love doing.  It can be as simple (and profound) as making others feel at ease, or making people laugh, or it can be as profound (and simple) as being a great scientist or leader of people.  It is always what you are naturally drawn to.  It is not necessarily easy to do, it will have its challenges.
Whatever you love doing will always benefit others in some way, for it is the Law of the Universe that when you use your highest gifts and powers you automatically uplift (heal) others, and evolve your Self.
Your inner knowing and aspirations, hopes and wishes, all indicate what is possible for you in this life;  for yours are not the same as mine – why is that?  Because we all have different paths, different destinies.  You already know inwardly what your purpose is; it is your greatest dream for yourself.
As I have said many times, we have all incarnated at a time of great transition, we knew before we incarnated what we were in for!  That there would be new frequencies, new and very different energies to deal with, and that eventually this would established on this earthly plane greater love, sustained healing, forgiveness and harmony.  We knew it wasn’t going to be easy learning to constantly adjust to the ever-changing energies we live in, but we are doing it.  
You came to help bring in those new energies, new ideas, new ways of being, into every part of life.  You do this by being YOU.
Don’t be surprised that over this Equinox time (equal time) if your life purpose gets a boost, or becomes more clear, especially being shown the next step to take.  And quite possibly being given a little ‘shove’ in that direction.  
The over-arching lesson at the moment, and for some time is:  DETACHMENT.  Practise it, especially when it is challenging to detach from a situation, or person, or inner attitude.  And see what happens.  Detachment does not mean not connecting, or not loving.  It means staying centred in you, balanced and open, and allowing, allowing the flow of life to move through you.  It is a big subject.  Have a go.



March 01, 2018



During the next four days we are in the energy of the Full Moon;  the Moon has always been associated with the feminine and when its ‘full’ it’s power and influence towards Earth (and us) is greater, and fuller.  
Fierce feminine forces (or archetypes) have been working on us and with us for sometime, we can easily see this with various events of this time, like women finding the courage to speak out about sexual harassment and sexual abuse.  
This sense of feminine independence is building within us; there will be an inner drive to ground the feminine more fully, more consciously within us.  This applies to all genders, as we all have a feminine side as well as a masculine side.
We are in a process of deep transformation, that’s why there seems to be so much brokenness in the world.  We are having our strength tested daily, this is in order for us to achieve personal and soul success, and happiness.  Are you strong enough?
These fierce feminine forces facilitated by the outpouring of the Full Moon energies are likely to stir up any issues, concerns, attitudes to mothering (mothers), lovering (lovers), and our deep essential self that has, in most cases, been neglected, and is now desperate to be born, to be seen, respected, loved, especially by you.
Although these feminine forces are strong, quietly unyielding, and fierce, you are safe.  The magnificent Universal Mother force loves you, this means you are safe always, safe enough to grow.  Safe enough to be you.
Blessings of the feminine.



February 01, 2018




In Australia we have just witnessed the beautiful, mystical, powerful, intense Super Blue Blood Full Moon.  The impact of this is felt over all the world, but it has more impact on the zones that can see it, and especially on those who do see it.
There is a sense of destiny about the energies of this time, the seeds you plant now, will manifest over the next three years.  Events, feelings, thoughts, and actions taken around this time are a catalyst to a chain of events that will continue to unfold and unravel to the end of 2020.  
Decisions made now ‘set’ your destiny for the rest of this life, this has been building since the beginning of this year.  Look back over the main themes, ideas, patterns, changes, people, of the past month and you may discern the new that’s coming for you.  I hope it includes some play and naughtiness.
The Supermoon energy we are now still in is part of this, and opens us to something greater, deeper, and more beautiful than we are used to.  This Supermoon opened a portal to higher consciousness, a sweeter consciousness, and heralds what I’m calling the Time of Destiny.
We are truly ON THE VERGE of something great!  In May we see the beginning of the next big shift in consciousness… where many who are tightly holding on to the old ways, old thought patterns, old self are about to get a massive lightning bolt of electrical energy through them – that will shift things!  You can thank Ascended Master Sanat Kumara.
2018-2020 these three years are about action, about making it happen, in 3D down-to-earth reality.  The thinking, pondering, wishing, is done, now take action.  It is through taking action, being active, this year that you attract to yourself abundance, happiness, and fulfilment.  
Be happy in the energy.
January 09, 2018


In this workshop Claire East, author, seer, teacher, discusses the influences and energies of 2018-2020, these are dynamic years ahead where much of society will change.
It is the Time of Destiny, where decisions and actions you take during this period will ‘set’ your destiny for the rest of this life, and possibly for a few lives to come.  
Its time for an upgrade!  Awareness of this very rare time will help you understand what’s happening in your world, and will assist you with the life-changing choices you may be making.  
VENUE:       Windsor Room, The Vincent, 107 Victoria Ave, Albert Park
DATE:          Sunday, 21 January 2018
TIME:           1pm - 5.30pm
COST:           $245.  Earlybird payment $220 (by 14 January)
DEPOSIT:     $100 by 14 January 2018
                      Please deposit in Claire East bank account:
                      BSB 733169   Account No:  526938
It is essential to confirm your booking as soon as possible
by emailing claire@cobolt.com.au.
Refreshments will be provided.
December 22, 2017





Well, these are interesting times we are in!
Confusing clarity, intense nonsense, agony and ecstasy, wonder and groundedness.
One could say this is a peculiar Solstice this year, as, energetically it starts the New Year of 2018.  So 2018 starts now. That’s confusing.  
It also starts a new era in the world that will last for approximately 30 years.  And even though we are all caught up with, or overwhelmed with, or loving the Christmas energies, and the promise of a new year, and the holidays, underneath it all our real ‘soul’ focus is on our long range plans…  our personal soul contract beckons loudly.
With this new energy we will feel generally more grounded, more here in our bodies, on earth.  This is needed, especially to manifest here in 3D reality our higher purpose, our ‘dream’ for ourselves, and the world.  The external world will be very much in focus as we move forward.
What is contained in your own soul contract that you brought with you to this life?  What promises have you made?  If you feel at peace, and complete, then you know you have fulfilled it.  If you don’t, and you feel particularly driven, then you know that there is more to achieve, or more to learn, more to give, more to experience.  Much effort is required over the next few years to accomplish this, we are now just opening the door to it.  We have taken the first steps, it’s the next bigger steps we now need to take.
Over this holiday period, and for some months (Easter) to help yourself take these steps it would be good to practice SELF COMPASSION, and UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE.  These are elevated practices, creating within you space for the Spirit and your soul to expand within you, making room for miracles to occur in your life.  For wonder.  These are not easy, but have a go, just for 10 minutes day.  To make it easier you could ask Ascended Master Radiant One for help with self compassion, and Ascended Master Lady Nada for help with unconditional acceptance.
These two principles when embraced, even for a moment, will raise your vibrational frequency; and as we know, this needs to happen in order for each of us to ‘download’ the new consciousness.  To upgrade our beingness.
This Solstice, this holiday season, I wish you much true self compassion, and unconditional acceptance, for this is where peace starts.
I wish the world peace.
Merry Christmas!  
October 29, 2017





The Great American Eclipse on 21/22 August and the consequent outpouring of spiritual energies certainly has had an escalating effect on all of us, on all levels, and in particular with the many natural and man-made disasters in U.S.A. and elsewhere.
The basic meaning of the word ‘dis-aster’ is ‘against the stars.’  Perhaps meaning against the natural order of things, and against the Universal Laws, and so on.  From my understanding it also means ‘against the astral (ie ‘aster’).’  We all have an astral body (you could call it your ‘star body’), which is part of our aura. As the astral body contains the soul it is a very important part of us, plus the astral has many other functions.  
Primarily, at this stage in spiritual evolution for humankind, we are meant to be ‘cleansing and purifying our astral body’ so that we can all expand our awareness and attain higher levels of consciousness and have a greater purer mind.  Purifying the astral is not easy, because it is also the ‘desire body’ that includes any kind of desire.  Purifying the astral body does not mean eradicating desire, which is impossible, because even wanting to purify the astral body is a desire.  What we are learning is to become master of our astral body, master of our desires, master of ourselves.  This is what cleanses and purifies us.
This is why when disasters happen in the world, and in our own personal lives, it often results after all the pain, chaos and difficulties in transformation and a better way of life.  Dis-aster, going against the natural (usual) order of things smashes through or against our astral bodies allowing healing and revelation to happen.
There is a tremendous amount going on many, many, levels at the moment, it feels like our heads will blow off shortly trying to understand it, deal with it, and contain it.  There is a lot of inner change happening, which is good; like having great realizations about your issues, or your past, future, passions, purpose, relationships etc.  Some of it is very confusing, tedious, irritating, and annoying.  Everyone is tense, waiting for something to happen, that’s how it feels.
It looks like, on a soul level, we are all pregnant about to give birth… to what?  What is it for you?  What’s trying to come out more?  It will probably be some kind of self renewal, a complete reinvention of self.  There’s a level of stress, and tension, that comes from the deep within you, that’s there because you feel frustrated because you can’t find meaningful ways to express yourself, your real self, your Self, your soul.
Your soul wants to break out, and over the next few years it will be very difficult to stop it ‘having its say!’  
The current energies have just turned a massive spotlight on that magnifies everything!  Everywhere your eye goes, especially your inner eye, is now magnified, expanded, huge, extreme.  So now you can see things very clearly and easily!  There is a lot of healing available at this time, particularly of the Base Chakra and the Sacral Chakra levels – just ask to receive it for your highest good!
The Divine Feminine is at hand, magnifying the abuse of the past, until there is a deep and substantial change in attitudes, including sexual attitudes.  
The ‘magnification mirror’ will be passing over all control freaks, power abusers, and dodgy dealers over the next two years, for all to see.  What a great astral cleansing we are about to witness! 
This also include those parts of ourselves that need to be less controlling, less rude, less dismissive.  This is not our true nature, we have become unfaithful to our true nature, we do not trust our true inner nature, some don’t know it exists, they haven’t touched it.  Then we wonder why disaster happens in our lives, why our health fails us, why people are unfaithful, why we are ignored, why we are not trusted.  Let’s remember that all this ‘stuff’ is not us, not really, and find that place within and without that is us.
There’s no point in trying to make sense of these times.  Love does not lie.
Blessings of love,
August 09, 2017




As you are probably aware we are in a significant eclipse season, we have over the past few days had a partial eclipse of the Full Moon, which leads us and prepares us for a solar eclipse in two weeks (21/22 August), this is being called the ‘Great American Eclipse.’
It is called this because this total solar eclipse spans the entire U.S.A. from East to West coast, and therefore will be visible to many millions of Americans.  Wherever an eclipse is visible it has a very powerful effect on those people (and animals); the rest of the world will also feel it powerfully, but not so intensely.  
On the level of consciousness, eclipses always indicate an ending, as the sun, the light, disappears for a moment or two; there is a pause with no light (sun), and then the light reappears, and a new beginning, a new phase begins.  Eclipses are a door or gateway to a different future.  This is especially true of this total solar eclipse.
The two weeks in between these two eclipses is also very important, and it is essential to be mindful of the energies at work during these two weeks.  During these two weeks the energies are such that they create a vortex that expands and amplifies whatever we think, say and do.  So it is important to think, say and do positive, life-enhancing, uplifting things.  
Also, during this time, it would be helpful to both you and the collective consciousness if you, for these two weeks, imagined and lived (as much as you can) the life you really really want to live.  This includes not being negative for those two weeks, both in thought, word and deed.  Imagine, visualize, the highest and greatest possible life that you have ever wanted.  Dress how you would be in that amazing life (for two weeks), have the attitude, the feeling state and confidence that you would if you were living that way.  Fake it to make it.  This is the energy in which to ‘set your intention’ so that it can more easily manifest.  Basically, whatever you are thinking, and doing during this two week period will be amplified and will guide your future.  
As this can be quite a ‘fiery’ and intense time, there may be a tendency towards anger, frustration, and emotional outbursts.  Whenever there is fiery energy around, the best way to use the energy is to be courageous, be daring, and express your inner spiritual warrior or inner fire goddess.  
What else can you expect during these two weeks, and what will this truly exceptional solar eclipse usher in?
During this time there is for a few moments a change in the natural light, and the usual order of things is eclipsed, creating a vortex through which greater spiritual force and light surges throughout our world (especially effecting Americans).  We are all effected to some degree, this impacts our consciousness, minds and hearts… we receive or are impacted by this added spiritual light.  
This light creates a far greater concentration and intensity of experience.  There will be a sense of a lot happening in a short time. Time is quirky.  Also, greater possibility for extraordinary experiences.  If you are aware and can flow with the energy, it is a time for your soul to finish one out-dated way of life and fully enter a new phase; it is transition for the soul.
There is also a sense of ‘unmasking’ both for the individual, and for leaders of governments (especially America).  Remember, that there is always an unmet need attached to one’s persona or mask.  A lot of truth is revealed.
This solar eclipse energy also ushers in an empowering shift from the dominance of the masculine-type leadership to more feminine-type leadership, which is more consensual, co-operative and people-centred.  On a spiritual level this vortex brings in the Divine Feminine forces (Ascended Masters and Goddess energies) that are particularly strong, grounded, and fiery.  This is what we need.  Lioness goddesses.
During the two weeks events both in your life, and in the world, are more karmic.  They have a pre-destined sense about them.  Take note of what’s happening in your life during this time, as you see your future unfold.  It will be significant.  This eclipse period is not self-activating, which means you are not creating it, this eclipse energy that is coming in is ‘bigger’ than you – it is evolutionary.  
Relationships will be effected, and will either become deeper and stronger, or if they are weak and not part of your future, there will be a shake-up.
Significant eclipses have an impact for very many years; this Great American Eclipse relates and corresponds energetically to the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999.  The 1999 was also extraordinarily powerful and tipped the world in another direction.  Think for a moment of what happened in your life from mid-1999 to 2003, it was probably quite a shake-up and/or a positive directional change.  There will be a connection to what happened then and what’s about to happen over the next few years.  
Obviously, as the solar eclipse is visible in the entire region of America (which is very rare) this eclipse energy is going to have quite a transformational effect on America.  How they use and respond to this energy, is as always, up to them.  This eclipse will have a significant impact on their current leader, President Trump, and his government, not necessarily immediately but over the next six months to a year.
There maybe other ‘shake-ups’ in the world, including our natural world, the Earth.  We may see more earthquakes, volcanos erupting, and extreme weather, especially in America.
If I was going to name the energy of this current solar eclipse, I would call it:  YOUR BEST PERFORMANCE.  So lets focus collectively and make the next few years:
                                                                       OUR BEST PERFORMANCE
The forces are with us!
Claire East
June 21, 2017






Happy Solstice! 
Spare a moment for the solstice energy today, and give thanks for all the sun and its glorious life, light and warmth gives us.  As we know, Solstice is a very ancient celebration of the sun’s forces – in Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day (light), in the Southern Hemisphere it is the shortest day (light).
We join with all our ancestors in recognizing the power and importance of Nature, of which we are a part, and also custodian.
Each Solstice is a turning point, a change in energy.  At this time in 2017, there is a powerful energy surge to bring in a new cycle, new opportunities, a new vibration.  There is a ‘forceful’ almost ‘fierce’ feeling to this Solstice energy that can create irritation within, and brooding without.  This sense of forcefulness can be understood as a creative push to bring something new in… dare to do it.
In a way, the Solstice energy initiates and foreshadows the next six months ‘til the next Solstice.  So its good to take note of what is going on in your life, and what new thing, new idea, is trying to be birthed through you.  This happens over the next few weeks, not just today.
There is a feeling of uncertainty in the world, and of change, and of not knowing which way situations in your life will go.  Over the next few months there is a sense of secrets waiting to be revealed, that feeling of things just out of reach, of not being quite there yet.
The next six months looks more loving, more caring, a warm lovely energy flowing, it’s a more feminine energy.  To really embrace this, and feel it, you need to be open and receptive to it.  It helps to say:  IAM AND I FEEL.  It is your divine right to feel fully ALIVE, and enjoy life.
Our minds are becoming more and more digitalized, that is, effected by the very fast digital world; this digital world has created a vibrational field that is engulfing the planet, pulling us in, making it harder for us to remain centred, still, individual, and you.  The digital field triggers us all the time, with too much to process.  We need to become more conscious of this and choose consciously when to enter into that digital field, and when to take and make our own field, that is, remember to own your SPACE, just for you.  Take time to think, consider, ponder.  Claim your own PACE also, and connect with your own SPIRIT within.  Doing this in Nature, is especially good and beneficial.
Many blessings,
May 11, 2017





Today, 11th May, is Full Moon, a deeply spiritual and insightful few days.  
When the moon is full, there is to some extent an extra gravitational pull, which is particularly strong this month and can make us feel ‘heavy,’ but it does facilitate within us an energy release, a time of deep inner cleansing.  This month can be revelatory, overwhelming or ecstatic.  For those who don’t like change, it may feel like an earthquake is going off within.  
There may be actual significant earthquakes during May.
The energies we are working with feel very electrical, sparky, and will sometimes feel like fireworks going off on the mind level.  It’s also a good time to give thought to long term planning, because whatever we sow in May we will reap in the future.
There is a tremendous amount of pent-up stuff within us, and within the world, that needs clearing.  This is the stuff we normally give to the ‘Keeper’, that inner part of us that we ‘dump’ our unresolved or ‘too hard’ stuff on, to deal with later… well, the Keeper is now overflowing, overloaded, overwhelmed, and likely to erupt in this energy, which could mean that you may find yourself severing unwise ties, whether emotional, relational, or financial.  This is deep clearing and cleansing, especially the things that bind us and stop us living the life within us.  
In recent months life has given us many opportunities to reset our personal vibratory frequency – an upgrade both emotionally and mentally – its as if we are about to change colour.  This may be expressed as you wanting to wear, or be attracted to, different colours, colours that you are not normally attracted to.  This would indicate that you have had an‘upgrade’ and are no longer vibrating under your old vibration.  Each colour has its own vibrational frequency, which is why we perceive them as different colours. For instance, red is a slow vibration and purple is a fast vibration.  No colour is greater or less than any other, they are all energy.
There is, at present, a subtle revolution going on in the peoples of the world, it is a revolution from within each of us, and is from the ground up.  It is about YOU, it is about quietly shaking up the status quo, it is about Higher Mind fireworks, and about your soul remembering its deepest and highest potential.
The month of May is an exciting time, but not a restful time.  Be creative, do something different, change your routine, there lay the opportunities.
Mantra to help you for the next few months:
Many blessings,
March 23, 2017



From 21st March for a couple of weeks we are in Equinox time. 

At this change in seasons a powerful surge of energy is released, which affects all living things, the plants and animals really feel it.  We humans have generally ‘inoculated’ ourselves from the power of the seasonal changes, partly because we live and work mostly indoors, and we have also disconnected our energy and life force from the Earth’s energies.  Which is sad for us.


This particular Equinox energy is strong, it is forceful, surprising, can be life-changing, and can be destructive.  It is the force necessary to move us forward, bring in the new, and flip us out of any place or situation where we feel stuck. 


The peacock is the symbol for right now, and the next six months.  It describes the current energies perfectly, and the lessons it brings us.  If the peacock was a human we would say he, peacock-man, had a gloriously balanced, harmonized, and strong solar plexus chakra, radiating genuine self-confidence (not ego), bright insights, refinement, vibrancy, integrity, great beauty and grace. 


The peacock is a ‘high vibration’ bird, so high that it is often associated with nobility, or royalty (royalty being a symbol of our higher selves), its colours are extraordinarily beautiful, and it is known mostly for its ability to amaze and thrill us all with the sudden unfolding of its tail feathers.    For this reason, the peacock is associated with ‘sudden transformation,’ which is the theme of this time, and I can ‘see’ the transformation happening in many.  It’s a transformation that can be colourful and beautiful, just like the peacock.


Peacocks, like many birds, can be ‘stand-offish’ and at times aggressive, so they also symbolize protection, and the many ‘eyes’ displayed on the tail feathers symbolizes, amongst other things, ‘watchfulness.’   Watchfulness is a good word for now, we need to be diligent, grounded, centred and aware, as there is a lot of negativity circulating that could stop us moving forward, and dampen our drive to transform ourselves, especially our way of expressing ourselves (i.e. identity).


Mediating, contemplating, pondering on the image of the peacock, and getting lost in its beautiful colours will help us with this current energy.  This energy surge is to remind us that we are amazing, and that we should dare, just like the peacock, to show our true colours (soul colours).  It will become less and less easy to hide our real selves. 


Be your peacock-self!!









February 21, 2017



In this workshop, Claire East, author, seer, teacher (and co-workers), discusses the great potential within each of us.  Who is the Woman From The Future?  YOU!  
Its time for you to be the irresistible, magnetic, powerful you!
A new era is being born, are you ready? Are you coming to the Promise of Destiny party?  You know you want to…. But can you?  Its time for you to step up;  come learn to raise your vibration, reset your matrix, commune with your Divine Feminine self.  Release the old, remember who you are. No more mediocre. 
This is an exciting and challenging time in evolution and the more conscious we are of the forces influencing us, the more powerful, effective and joyful we can be.
Venue:            Windsor Room, The Vincent, 107 Victoria Ave, Albert Park
Date:               Sunday 19 March 2017 
Time:               10.00am – 5.30pm 
Refreshments: Lunch is provided; vegetarian/gluten free option available.  
Refreshments also provided.
Cost:                $255.00   Earlybird payment: $235  (by 10 March)
Deposit:          $100 by 10 March  
                         It is essential to confirm your booking  as soon as possible, by email to claire@cobolt.com.au for catering.
January 06, 2017





Happy New Year!  
What a year 2016 was!  A defining year!  And much of what was started (its probably more correct to say ‘released’) in 2016 continues on through most of 2017, both for ourselves, and also globally.  It will continue to be what I call a ‘Teflon’ year through to October, where try as we might nothing much ‘sticks.’  It feels like seeds we are planting are constantly blowing away in the wind.
There is a reason for this so-called Teflon energy, and maybe with hindsight we wouldn’t want most things to ‘stick.’  There is a birthing process going on within us that is underneath all this chaos.  Remember that the areas that are challenging us most are always the greatest opportunity for inner growth.  The area that is most challenging for much of 2017 is relationships – any form of relationship, friendship, lovers, child/parent, work relationships.  The area in relationships that is challenging is communication.  We are all ready for an update, or reset in regard to how we communicate and relate to one another.  Words have consequence.  As does thoughts.  There needs to be more understanding, listening, respect, and appreciation of one another.  It would be nice if it were the Year of Tenderness.
Today, could be ‘Tenderness Day,’ as it is January 6, and is Magi Day (Epiphany), the day when the three Magi (magician/astrologers) or Wise Men, came and gave gifts to baby Jesus.  Babies evoke tenderness from us, why does it change?
How would your IAM communicate?  Yes… lovingly.
We are (humanity) at a crossroads.  It really is time to wake up, before its too late.  This is especially true with regard to all our global issues, whose effects eventually trickle down to our individual lives.  Global issues like climate change, ongoing conflicts and wars, the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us, the nuclear threat being ratcheted up, the possible extinction of many animals and so on.  What is the world, our world becoming?
As we move into this new year, many do so with trepidation, there is great apprehension for the year ahead, what will a Trump presidency look like and how will his policies effect the world, will Brexit help unravel the European Union, who will be the Heads of State by the end of the year?  Our fate is in their hands.  Or is it?
The theme of change continues in earnest in 2017, there will be much uncertainty, expect many surprises, some shocks, and often a feeling of ‘phoniness’ a feeling of this can’t be real, can’t be happening.  
It will be a political vortex, causing even more polarization.  With no space between to amble, explore, research, play… unless you claim it.
Identity chaos will continue, mostly borne out of the over-identification with the digital world.  Its time to bring balance to this, and get back into your body, especially for young people.  
It will indeed be an unprecedented year. 
2017 also sees many lessons for us around power; the correct use of power, and the realization that you as an individual are not powerless.  Events will this year, as with many previous years, make you feel powerless – what can I do?   You can consciously claim your power, and embrace your IAMness.   Your love helps.  Your presence helps.  We can have peaceful uncertainty. 
When there is collectively profound anxiety and deep concern within, some may express this overtly by an extreme need to ‘stay in control’ at all times, this manifests as controlling behaviour.  And extremes of ‘we are right, and you are wrong,’ which can lead to conflict.  The only one you can control is yourself.  
So, power issues will be rampant this year, in relationships, business, government and so on.  This is not new, but with our ‘new eyes’ we will see it for what it really is.  
This year the world may feel like its on the brink of going out of control.  Especially, through words, and communication. 
2017 is pivotal to our lives; we are going to update our ideas and beliefs about our existence.  We are going to step up.  We are going to take on the challenges and not drown in our insecurities…we are not using them as an excuse any more.  
There is potential for collective awakening, especially around the issues of power, male ego and communication.  You will receive profound revelations; make sure you write them down as they disappear quickly if you don’t (this is because they come from other dimensions, and if they are not written down, they evaporate quickly).
Every time it might feel a bit tough, or you feel lost, or angry, or powerless, ask yourself this question: 
“ Is my IAM (at the centre of my being) alright?”  
Check in with your IAM often, your IAM is never lost, shattered, angry, tired, powerless, and if it is then it is not your IAM.  This is essential survival for the year ahead.  Your IAM is your divine self, use it wisely.
And say often, ‘I LIVE IN A LOVING WORLD.’   And so shall it be.
December 13, 2016





We are moving into the energy of the third Supermoon in as many months.  This Supermoon will ignite our minds, the mental levels in you are about to be updated!  Over the next two months this energy will open up a flood of ideas within you, and will aid your communication skills.  As we transform and move forward into the new,  communication becomes vital for success in all areas of our lives; listening and hearing is an important part of communication.  Your Higher Mind is ready to download!  
Unresolved wounds, particularly on the mind level, may come to the surface for healing in this ‘super’ moon energy.  An example of this would be suddenly hearing and recognizing the critic or judge within you, which is not part of the real you, but is usually ‘learnt’ behaviour, learnt from adults in your environment when you were young.  When you become conscious of the way your mind criticizes and judges you, and others, then you have an opportunity in that moment to stop it, transform your behaviour, and flick the critic off your shoulder, for good.  Then you are freer.
This third Supermoon energy continues the rapid transformational effect on us, a rapid change creating instability not seen since the early 1800’s.  
Added to this we have the energies of the Summer/Winter Solstice on and around the 21 December.  This is an event that happens every year, but this year it seems more powerful than ever.  From the 21st sudden and spectacular energy will be released from the spiritual forces, which will add to the intensity of now, and can be very enlightening or destructive, depending on how you receive and process this energy and the revelations it brings.  It is transforming, it is meant to open up within you a ‘vision of a new future’ for you, a feeling of new possibility, an excitement regarding the future.  Some may find this challenging, as it requires change, and those who are fearful of change could close down, and try to ‘control’ it within themselves.  Closing down is blocking the flow of energies within, which is destructive on all levels of the person.  
What seems to be happening with many people is that they are growing and changing inwardly much faster than their beliefs can contain, its time to embrace who you are becoming, not be fearful of the new you.  Remember, we are all in this together; we are all entering a new paradigm, some gladly, some kicking and complaining.  
This is being mirrored back to us worldwide, many countries are doing the unthinkable, saying the unthinkable, political correctness is dead, we are being thrown back on ourselves to think and decide for ourselves what’s true, what’s important, and what to live by.  We can no longer trust the news (fake news abounds), or politicians, or governing bodies, and so on.
And on top of all this we have the outpouring of Christmas energies, which this year are good for any social activities, there will be surprises, and some chaos, especially around travel (double check all travel arrangements).  This Christmas energy has a feel of  ‘take courage, and stand against the ‘herd’ but do it gently!
May the Christmas angels shine upon you and bring you peace and joy.
November 30, 2016






I am calling 2016 Teflon Year, because nothing seems to stick; it seems as if the seeds (of everything) we plant don’t take root, they just disappear.  This will continue for some time into 2017.   
This is partly because of the rapid transformational energy that is swirling around not allowing anything to ‘land,’ its like we are experimenting with different ideas, solutions, ways of being… until we find something that ‘sticks.’  Lets face it, not much makes sense in our world anymore!  Perhaps this is how its meant to be.
We are still experiencing the Supermoon energies that feel, at times, quite crazy.  This energy has the feeling of ‘everything changing all at once… and this is only the beginning.’  
There are real transformations happening within people, it takes faith and trust to get through this change.  Its important to realize that about 90% of what’s going on is UNSEEN.
A spiritual call is being heralded from deep within the cosmic heavens to the depth of each of your cells.  We are redrawing the ‘line,’ we are being faced with our destiny; we have turned a karmic corner.  
Part of this destiny call is a sense that our sacred contracts are up for appraisal, how are we going with them?  This is particularly true in regard to our relationships and friendships.  This is not a time to be overly old-fashioned about relationship expectations; it is time to understand that we need to learn a new independence within relationships where space for each person is respected.  Without this space relationships will not flourish as we move into the new consciousness.  
This is a wonderful energy for new ideas, creativity, researching yourself!  Doing things differently, experimenting with a new version of you.
Remember, say  “IAMTHATIAM” when it all seems too hectic, that will take you straight to your still place within.
Be strong in the Light,
October 13, 2016





There are powerful energies building at the moment towards a Supermoon on 15/16th October.  This is a peak intensity Full Moon, a big tsunami of spiritual and cosmic energy coming towards us.
What does this mean?  A supermoon is when the Full Moon (and New Moon) is closest to the Earth in its orbit, making the moon appear at its largest to us here on Earth.   Although there are two more supermoons after this, November 14 and December 14, this is by far the biggest spiritual and celestial event of 2016.  The energy of the Supermoon will last until 30 October, but its ramifications for us as individuals and globally will last for a very long time.  One could say this is era-defining moment.  It is large, deep, and global.  
Something new is emerging!
So what can happen?  This particular Supermoon’s energy temporarily reduces Earth’s magnetic field, creating an opportunity for an expanded sense of self, and expanded connection to spirit, and even other dimensions.  This energy is here to  help expand our awareness.  It can make you feel ‘super’ (supersized ego), larger-than-life, and invincible.  This is a potent time, and for most people it is an opportunity to progress, become more conscious, and if you can stay open on the heart chakra level you can ‘breathe in’ a new vibration of light.  But for those people who already have ‘supersized egos’ and think they are invincible (this includes some of our world leaders, and would-be world leaders) this added volume of extraordinary and unique power will/is creating many crises, hubris, injustice, violence, crazy notions, upheavals, conflict and possibly war.  
For a long time we have lived with an underlying sense of chaos, just below the surface, it as if we could scratch it and all hell will be unleashed.  We have been doing all we can to placate this sense of chaos, such as band aid it, or constantly smoothing things over.  But in this energy, we can no long pretend its not there.  This energy is very electrical, fast and sparky, (St. Germain) and revealing.  The energetic volume is turned up HIGH, our nervous system is on high alert, we feel very sensitive, and this can lead to combustible outbursts.  It can also lead to transformation.  Sudden out-of-the-blue breakthroughs are possible, and unusual and exciting developments in one’s career, and one’s life are also possible.    
Transformation, awakening, often comes with outrageous shocks and surprises, you will notice this both in your own life and globally.  Watch the news.
We are at the end of a long, laborious journey.  Our minds are tired.  Our thinking is tired.  Our thoughts are tired.  So much overload on our minds, it has been difficult to focus, difficult to have clarity.   This relentless non-cyclical change and constant pressure just to get through the day has taught us resilience.  We have learnt to live with a feeling of constantly shifting ground, as if in an earthquake zone.  Because the change is so constant now we NEVER seem to get the chance to adapt to the change that’s just happened.  It’s a whirlwind.  
We now experience life as constantly and rapidly being updated, revised, renewed, deleted, upgraded, downloaded, with no sense of control or choice.  This relentless change gives us no sense of accomplishment.  
In this Supermoon energy, you may for a short time have a sense of ‘unravelling’.  This is a deep sensation, and can be frightening, but it wont last more than a few days, and is usually an unravelling of the soul to reveal its brilliance.
There are some things you can do to help yourself survive this high force energy:
You may be challenged to your core, you may have an identity crisis, you may be challenged to show ‘what really lies beneath’ in you.  Meet the challenge.  
Remember, that you have always got YOU.  Within you is an underlying wholeness.  
Be vigilant. 
Be grounded.  
You may be called to figure out what is really essential to you. 
Never forget, YOU ARE LIGHT. 
It would be helpful over the next few months to say on waking:
And just before sleeping saying:
Many blessings.  Peace.
December 08, 2015






Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and joy in all you do!
PEACE ON EARTH;  GOODWILL TO ALL is a strong theme during the Christmas season.  We see it so often at this time of year that we don’t really read it or take it in… read it again with full presence, attention and consciousness.  It is the theme of this present moment in time.  Every year it is repeated because it is part of the Christ teachings, part of the Christ Consciousness; it is also our collective world lesson, or you could say our ‘world karma.’  This is what all souls incarnated now, previously, and in the future are learning:  PEACE.  Goodwill, is compassion, tolerance and understanding of others regardless of their religion or race or any other factor.  
As you ‘clink’ your classes in celebration of Christmas or the holiday season this year, remember in your soul to say ‘Peace.’  
During the recent world events that caused mayhem and loss, there was much bravery, but there was also an outpouring of fear (opposite to peace) that now touches us all.  This is normal, we feel threatened.  It is at these times, especially, when we should not dwell in the fear or negative thoughts, as this pulls us into the ‘dark’ but seek to, as I call it, ‘hold the Light’ within you.  This is a time when the ‘negative in our world is working overtime’ so it is important to protect yourself with loving thoughts, loving action, a sense of hope and strength, and to call on Archangel Michael to help uplift and protect you and your loved ones.  
The Ascended Masters and the Christmas angels are not well pleased with the negative forces that are trying to destroy our world.  The next few months sees their beautiful light forces streaming out powerfully to challenge these old ways, and any old stuck ideas.  This will effect all of us as individuals also.  
Peace starts with you.  Try practising peace within for five minutes a day.  We cannot let fear dominate the world, or ourselves.  You are here to Hold the Light.  As you do this call in the Master’s Light to imbue you, saying ‘IAMTHATIAM.’
Christmas day this year falls on a full moon.  It is a good time for family, though there is a great deal of lunar energy on that day.  We will see the family and our friends clearly, and also see our ‘place’ in the family clearly!  It could be a heightened emotional day if you feel insecure or have issues with the maternal side of your family.    Peace…  
Goodwill to all.
We are Light.  
Christmas blessings to all.
11:11 NEW MOON
November 11, 2015






The 11 and 12 November 2015 are powerful days that are ushered in by the energies of the New Moon, this will continue for many months.  The new moon traditionally represents a new beginning, and for this new moon this is particularly true.  It is a new chapter in one’s life, and whatever is started at this time will last, and will be true, and glorious.
It is a positive time, one where you will be especially guided through your night-time  dreams, your meditations, and any spiritual practice.  
Your soul is strong and evident at this time; at last your ego bends to the yearning of your soul.  Your soul is in the driving seat, it is directing you and your life at present, which means it is a time of destiny.  Your soul’s contract, that you incarnated with, is being blasted with feminine divine light and consciousness, whatever is in your soul’s contract is now at the forefront of your life.  The past fades and is meaningless;  relating now, loving now, is the only important task.  
Something is being manifested that is beyond your control, beyond your understand perhaps… let it happen.
There is soul commitment now.  Your essence has something to do with the progress of Spirit in our world, destiny calls you; the divine feminine calls you.
There is JOY;  there is PEACE.
Blessings in manifestation,
Blessings upon all those who gave their lives in service to their country.  
September 17, 2015






We are in ‘Supermoon Season,’ that is, we are experiencing three consecutive Supermoons from the end of August to mid-October, 2015.  A Supermoon is when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth; because of the force of gravity this creates a much stronger pull between the Earth and the moon.  This means we feel everything in a more heightened way, there is an extra power and energy radiating towards us and all living things, and the Earth itself over this period.  This is an amplified energy time, a time of added brilliance, emotions may rise, excitement rises; reactions rise…. Things are intensified.  Passions are intensified.
Added to this we are also experiencing eclipses, one has just passed, a partial solar eclipse on the 12/13 September (we are still ‘enjoying’ the effects of this!) and a total lunar eclipse on the 27/28 September.  
Because of the outpouring of spiritual energy through the Supermoon gravitational emphasis, the current eclipses become an even more powerful portal of energy, they are acting like a huge ‘START’ button, and are calling each of us to REALIGN something, so that we can more fully resonate with the recent changes in the Earth’s energy field, and our own energy field.  The eclipses are amplifying the Supermoon energy!  Time to start something.
For some time we have had the ‘Pause’ button on, pausing our lives, each of us in different areas of our lives and being.  Which sounds ironic as we have for the past five years felt very driven, this driving force has been initiated to help us ‘clean up our act’ and prepare for the new consciousness; we need a higher level of consciousness to keep up with the finer, faster energies, and their constant shifting and changing.  
We will gradually not feel so driven, but we will still at times feel confused, and through the inner process of realignment we will be questioning everything, especially our future direction - if you haven’t started this process, you will shortly.  
The reason for this is that it is time for us all to initiate our personal
Master Plan for ourselves and our lives (your Soul Master Plan).  The one your soul bought in with you, and the one possibly that your soul has been carrying around for a few lifetimes!  What kind of life do you want?  What’s missing?  How can I create it now? 
There is a now or never urgency with this, an inner urge to change everything.  The gateway is wide open, the possibilities are there.  This portal is not open very often, this is the time, and the moment, go through the gate without hesitation, you have ‘til end of November 2015.
The ‘Pause’ button is off now, and the ‘Start’ button is on now in regard to your life and your beliefs, its time to consider and reconsider your life and its circumstances, and what needs to shift. This is the most beneficial time to do it.  
Its time to find more ‘magic’ in your life – and let go of drudgery, or seeing your life as drudgery.  Its time to ‘download’ your dreams and make them reality, this eclipse energy works best through taking action. 
I am calling September and October 2015 the “Goddess” months, these are power months, hidden truths will be revealed, new fresh ideas about your future will appear, you will or may start thinking and acting differently to how you’ve been in the past. 
Call on your inner Divine Feminine to give you greater clarity about your personal Master Plan, and what the next steps are to its manifestation!
August 20, 2015






Are you feeling the weird psychic energies that seem to be swirling around our consciousness; life feels thick with something, just out of reach?  
This energy is part of the process of ‘feminizing’ our personal energy fields.  In other words, making us more feminine by reawakening the feminine force within us all.
Feminine energy is naturally more ‘psychic,’ intuitive, flowing and feeling, the spiritual energy effecting us now will naturally awaken these qualities within us more, especially telepathy, inner knowing and a need to be more truly honest.  The only thing that is truly honest is our experience right now, in this moment; everything else is a distraction, or a judgement of past or future, or a habit.
This energy is calling us to learn and understand the Divine Feminine within; it is in a sense, the Goddess energy. 
We need to go to our root, that is, our pelvic bowl, or pelvic core to understand our feminine side, and release any stagnant feminine energies that may hold us back.  This area is governed energetically by the condition of your Base chakra (situated energetically between your legs) and your Sacral chakra (situated energetically just below your naval).  To be in your feminine power your attention and energy needs to be in these chakras, which is the pelvic area in us all, including males.  The pelvic bowl within you is the Seat of the New Feminine Consciousness.  Focus on that area within you, breathe into it, and say outloud:  IAM AND I FEEL…  this brings balance.
Today, women tend to have chronic core tension due to repeated denial of their feminine qualities.  This can also be exacerbated by prolonged sitting (which maintains pelvic stagnation), and a general disconnect to their feminine powers brought about by the attitude of the patriarchal society we have lived in as women for thousands of years.  This denial is of course, mostly unconscious within us, but the Goddess is rising within demanding to be heard!
Most energy comes from your root or core place, the Base chakra area. Women hold and release energy through their Base chakra, and through their pelvic bowl.  Spiritually, and physically, women are the ENERGY HOLDERS and ENERGY KEEPERS.  In the ancient days this was known, and revered.
Women priestesses, healers, shamans etc. were given tasks and positions where this ability was used sacredly.  An adept woman would be assigned to ‘create, hold and keep’ the energy of various environments, or gatherings, etc.  as in a temple for healing, or contacting the spiritual forces for others.  Women, through their energy, aligned everything just by being there, and magnetized to themselves (hold) whatever was required.  
Women often do this now for the home and family, making it harmonious, warm, comfortable, loving, and beautiful.  Where, or in what situation do you ‘create, hold and keep’ the energies for others?
Today, a lack of energy is often a lack of this free flowing connection with your inner feminine, with your pelvic core. A more conscious understanding of where, or how you ‘create, hold and keep’ the energies, especially for others, gives this ability within you more power, and so is more effective.  It is also freeing, and energizing.
Blessings of the feminine to you,
June 28, 2015





The energy of this Full Moon (June 30-July 2) is full of potential and lots of learning;  being very energetic, fiery, hot, sparky … there will be a strong feeling of wanting to release, release, release … there will also be a strong desire to do something different, and a need to go somewhere wildly different!  You can also expect something unusual and exciting to happen over July, both individually and globally.  
Our minds are being pushed to process a lot of high vibrational energy and new concepts, so its unlikely that sleep will be ‘sound!’  Dreams will also be ‘lively,’ deep and significant.  This mind process is healing, and helps prepare us more fully for accessing the reaches of our Higher Mind.  It is possible that our ‘inner monsters’ may surface, especially through our night-time dreaming.  This is a good thing, for by facing any ‘inner monsters’ you have more mastery of them.  
We are being asked in all things not to be mindless, and not to pretend.  
This process may bring up fear of the unknown, or fear of not knowing (and confusion) around one’s future.  Trust;  you do know.  Your Higher Mind knows.
Over the past three months there has been a substantial struggle, and a calling, to become ‘unstuck’ in some way, in some area of our life.  There is immense energy being poured out toward this on-going struggle, to make it happen and be free of the stuck energy, the stuck situation or attitude.  Persist.  It is becoming unstuck but it needs a final push. 
Over the past years, Chaos has become the new norm, and has indeed become your ‘friend.’  But now ‘Inertia’ needs a good talking too!  
Things are really changing!! And there is excitement in the air, excitement for the joy of living.  It is there for all.
June 02, 2015






As we are all preparing inwardly for the ‘dawning of the Aquarian Age’ we are challenged at the moment to free our minds from mental slavery, and mental drudgery.  Our minds are super-charged at the moment, so not much sleep happening!  
We are to review everything, it is the one time when it’s necessary to let your mind turn it around, and turn it again, and turn it yet again, and so on, until your mind  spirals into the new.  During the next 2,000 years or so duration of the Aquarian Age we are being encouraged to ‘download’ our higher minds.  This is obviously very good.  As we attain clearer vision, greater clarity, more wisdom, which all and much more belong to our higher mind, our lower mind falters.  In this context our lower minds are our everyday mind, the one we use all the time.  It is a beautiful and amazing tool that generally works quite well, yet it is ready for an update, a reboot!
You will start noticing this ‘updating’ of your consciousness and your mind when you find yourself stopping mid-sentence and losing your mind, when thoughts suddenly seem lost in little holes.   This is because our higher minds are opening up, so we are losing our lower minds more often.  We will notice it when we hesitate, and correct our language more often;  and when we are more mindful of what we are about to say; and we will notice that some weird statement just fell out of our mouths, or someone else’s.  You will be perplexed and maybe amused as you keep saying something different to what you were actually thinking, or meant to say.  This is all because the lower mind is ‘shutting up’ and the higher mind part of you is developing, popping in...  luckily it is a slow process.  Though we are receiving a boost of this higher mind energy at present.
We have just enjoyed another Full Moon, the energy of which accelerated a pulse or vibration through the Earth itself, and the Earth’s atmosphere, that was extraordinary.  As we are part of the Earth we too would have felt and continue to feel on some subtle level the spiritual and energetic pulse that went through the Earth, it was just below the normal range of sound or vision, yet we can just about hear it and see it.  This has made the usual veil between your inner and outer self thinner, and the veil between Earth and the other dimensions also feel thinner.  This will cause us at times to experience acute sensitivities as we open up more, and feel everything more deeply, and more profoundly.  Let your skin be the monitor of this.  This energy and process will increase over the next three months, allowing you to day by day learn to monitor and filter what’s coming towards you, what’s effecting you, what’s important or not.  The lesson is “what am I allowing in?”
It is helpful and healing during this process, to embrace and enjoy more of the natural things that the Earth offers, you will be drawn to whatever resonates with your soul and your physical self, whether that be animals, gardens, mountains, sea, sky, the weather, stars.  Soak them in.  There is a new rhythm and energy to the Earth that’s just awakening, this will restore and align much that has been abused or misused.
In this energy don’t hang on to your lower mind, let it escape, at least for a time.  You only have to remember and retain that which is important.
Be blessed
May 05, 2015






Over the next few weeks we will feel pulled between intensity, passion and drama on the one hand and feeling joyful, serene and harmonious on the other.  
What is your soul yearning for at the moment?  In some sense your soul is reaching out for the next level of your purpose.  It is actually yearning for this.
This should give you a momentum, a certain kind of soul-energy burst to reach for the future, to look to the future, to do something to bring a new and more rewarding future towards you.  It is as if the past, and many of its ‘burdens’ and deeply important things will seemingly dissolve, and/or have much less importance.  It is a time of looking to your future and not dwelling or languishing on the past.  In doing this we will be deleting our old programming, our old and outmoded patterns.
It is very necessary to ponder on and contribute to the fact that we, each of us, is Light in motion, resonating with all things in the Cosmos.  Light in motion.  Understanding this will give you pleasure.   Very many people don’t trust themselves, and so don’t trust others, and don’t trust life.  This is because they do not know they are Light in motion.  It is time to trust your inner Light.  
As you reach for your next level of purpose, you reach for your future, a soul-centred future;  you need to steady yourself in the now, you need to connect with Nature more, and the natural in all senses.  
Share something, literally.  Also, share something of your Light, your soul.
It might be helpful to say, think, murmur often:
March 13, 2015






The total solar eclipse on 20 March, 2015 ushers in strong transitional energy, strong but subtle.  The effects of this energetic shift have already begun about a month ago and will continue for up to six months.  This is an unusual eclipse in the sense of the energy it filters towards earth, and the fact that it occurs just before the Equinox, which adds a strange power to its overall effect.  It is only fully visible in Norway, and is a partial eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere, and is not visible at all in the Southern Hemisphere, yet its strange power will touch us all.
This eclipse energy signals the end of what feels like a prolonged karmic lesson or karmic situation.  Maybe a lifetime project!  Those with awareness will feel and respond quickly to this energy by ‘updating’ their inner self; and ultimately by the release from the karmic situation.  
This karma that can now be finished, harmonized, and released possibly began at the start of this life; you can now take charge and consciously begin to create your own future.  Your sense of time and purpose is strong now as you seek to know and implement fully the purpose of this incarnation.  There is great momentum.  You may become more aware of your karmic contract and its lesson, and start to act accordingly.
Your karmic contract is part of your soul contract, in simple terms the karmic contract is a blueprint, or framework agreed upon between your soul and the Divine before you incarnate each time.  The degree to which you fulfill this contract is the degree to which you will be happy and successful.  You will feel most angry, empty and frustrated when you are not meeting the terms of your karmic contract, because basically you have made that contract with yourself, and you are letting yourself (soul) down.  
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself responding and relating differently in your relationships and with yourself.  This is because your mind is kicking you out of an outdated mental comfort zone…the eclipse energy challenges your mind to succeed itself.   
The likely karma that is being transformed is where you feel overwhelmingly that ‘you have been paying your way, and then some…. ‘
The elephant in the room must be named, and named by you… this will pull you forward towards soul resolution, karmic resolution.  There will be renewed clarity, shared awareness, accountability, and delicious soul-shaking by the simplest things.
Keep aware, communicate truly – don’t assume that anyone understands you, or what you are trying to say, or what you are feeling.  Communicate it, then karma dissolves.
The ‘dissolver of form’ is present…helping you.
A stronger link between the ordinary worldly consciousness and the higher intuitive wisdom consciousness is also available during this eclipse.
Say ‘hello’ to the fruits of your labour, and goodbye to ‘negative’ karma.




February 12, 2015






One of the most destructive forces that can deplete your vitality and leave you very vulnerable is boredom.  Boredom is not having nothing to do, its much more than this, it’s about being very uninspired (ie. no spirit) by what you have to do, or what you are experiencing.  Boredom kills creativity, saps your energy, and makes for destructive behaviours, like eating junk, and worse.  Its unrealistic to expect life to be thrilling and exciting the whole time, this would also be exhausting;  sameness and routine of life is good, it brings discipline, grounding, it makes you feel safe… but there is a great swell of boredom consuming us.  It is partly due to the new digital age, which forces us narrowly into our mental sphere and into our fingers, only our fingers out of our whole body.  You lose your power.
Your power is very important.  How grounded in your true power are you?  True power is your access to Spirit, so it is imperative that you do not give your power away to another.  That does not mean being aggressive about it, just quietly recognizing your power, and where your triggers are that make you give away your power.  Then choosing not to do it.  The more true inner power you have the more you have access to the spiritual worlds and the spiritual beings.  Fear stops you accessing other worlds, and indeed can isolate you in this world.  
To ground you need to resonate with Gaia, in other words with the Earth, to do this you need to be very female, whether you are a male or a female, you need to develop your feminine side to ‘feel’ the Earth, to connect, to receive her healing, grounding and balancing energy.     Home is where you are in your power, home is your physical body, it where you live at the moment.  The way to be protected and avoid being overwhelmed by forces is to be ‘at home.’  Grounded in your physical body.
If you are grounded in your body you are centred and powerful, not fearful.  We are constantly being bombarded with a tornado of forces that can easily cause havoc within us, and around us.  One important way to counter-act these forces is to consciously bring in beauty, refuse to support ugliness in any form.  Endeavour to bring harmony and beauty as much as possible in your environment, your thoughts, your work. It’s not easy.  We all have an individual idea of what beauty is, of what is exquisite, which is wonderful for the world.  You did not come here to uglify the world.  
The whole digital revolution that we are going through is uniquely Aquarian, which as you know, is the next ‘Age’ we are transitioning into at the moment.  Peace and love, especially for the whole group, describes the future Aquarian person.  Thought patterns, thought processes, the higher mind, mental/brain discoveries are a focus with this new energy for the next two hundred years, which is exciting but must be tempered and infused with the forces of love and beauty, and we must be grounded.  Don’t be only in your head, or on your mobile devices, you will lose your power.
Its time to rethink your life.  Repattern your life. Ground.  Beautify something.  And don’t let boredom be the dominant force in you, get inspired!
December 21, 2014






Happy Solstice!  Spare a moment for the solstice energy today, giving thanks for all the sun gives us.
There is a lot of understandable fear and uncertainty in our hearts and minds around the world at this time.  It seems as though there is no innocence, and little joy much of the time.  All this disharmony and violence in the world will bring us together on a deeper more loving level eventually.  This uncertainty about the world and where we are going is bringing out a need for ‘nesting.’  Nesting in this sense is ridding the home (nest) from anything potentially harmful to self or family, and organizing, cleaning and beautifying the home until it feels safe.  There will be a greater drive towards making your home safe, comfortable and happy because the world doesn’t feel safe, comfortable or happy.  This will be a strong drive in 2015.  Your home represents your inner self.
May your Christmas holidays be safe, comfortable and happy!
Blessings of Solstice Light,
December 03, 2014






There’s a lot going on this month as we move into the Christmas energies, the Solstice and holiday time.  
This is a very fiery energy, which is building over the next two weeks and then being sustained at a high voltage for quite a while to come.  One of the positives of fire is that it is ‘refining’ melting away the dross to reveal the glorious gold; this strong spiritual fire energy around at present is to help bring us into a place of further refinement, especially on the consciousness and mind level.  
The other aspects of this fiery energy offer us courage, passion, disruption, restlessness, and unpredictability.  Also, some will feel more aggressive, impatient or combative, particularly around 24/25 December.  Be particularly careful and mindful to avoid accidents.
It may be challenging at times to hold onto your inner centre with this energy, and you may feel like you are on the precipice of great change, somehow being drawn forward, without a plan, guide or rudder.  There is indeed a momentum pulling you forward, which is carrying you into the new.  If you fight it life will become difficult, best to flow and go with the new fire.  Observe don’t try to control.
Our consciousness is being stretched and rearranged, deleting old unworthy attachments bringing us quite rapidly (fire) into the new.  It truly will be a New Year.  
There is a lot of focus on the mind, the fire-mind.  Does your mind need refining?  Do your thoughts need an update?  Do you need more lightness of being?  Is a new reality dawning – does it feel a bit weird?  (It should, this indicates a new level of consciousness, a new reality for you).  
The Full Moon on 5/6 December opens the doorway to more lightness, especially mental lightness, and excitement, and lovely, somewhat wild (fire again) imaginings!
As much as possible, keep a cool head, don’t use force it won’t work.  Practise being still in your centre even for a moment, and see what happens.  Practise also being magnetic, not chasing after anything.  
You will want to use this fiery energy to ‘get things done’ to finish things before the end of the year.  This is a good use of this energy and time, but don’t force yourself (or others) you can, and will, do it.  Don’t make yourself exhausted.  
At this time, discipline, caring teamwork, focus and determination are wonderful attributes to help us all get through into the new;  but the most important and spiritual thing you can do is reduce all your efforts, including mind chatter to 70%.  Stop trying to achieve 100%, or more.  Pull back everything to 70%;  then see what happens!  
Solace to the fire element is fragrance, scents, so any delicious smells will be healing and soothing at this fiery time.  Go for it!
Blessings of light,
October 22, 2014






Over the next three months we will experience a total change of energy and a big shift in our consciousness.  This momentum starts with the very powerful solar eclipse of the 23/24 October 2014.  There will be a noticeable change of gear from one type of energy to another.  During this transition (22 October to 26 October) there will be maximum intensity of energy driving you forward to basically, ‘get it together and get on with it…’  No more excuses.  No apologies.
During this eclipse time the outpouring of certain spiritual energies will help you get ‘unstuck’ and will help radically shift your attitude and focus redirecting your energy, action and love to those things that are truly most significant in your life.  There will be a lot of cutting, culling, and paring back, but it will be joyful and easy.  
Your soul is activated intensely over the next month (Lady Venus energizes the soul now, and she can be very intense!  buckle up); so pay attention to those soul-motivated no-nonsense liberating yearnings, and priorities – you wont miss them.  Priorities.
This fierce (in a Venusian way) eclipse energy stops or blocks an energy (which may have manifested in you as an attitude, pattern, habit) that you think is you, or belongs to you.  The outcome of this is that suddenly your higher purpose is revealed to you much more clearly.  
There will also be many breakthroughs in regard to feminine power; a different expression of the feminine.  
We need to embrace this eclipse energy wholeheartedly, breathe it in, it will nourish our souls; and with this new dynamic soul energy we need to, and will, flood the world with light and help balance the overwhelming negative energies of the past hundred years.  Our souls are warned down by constant negativity.   
Lady Venus wants you to leave each day with a touch of beauty.
Blessings of beauty,
September 15, 2014






The world is going through a major crisis at the moment, probably the most critical since the Second World War.  It is also going through a major renewal where something new is being awoken in humanity…
The wrath of the Goddess Isis has been stirred.  Isis is an ancient goddess revered in ancient Egypt, but she also predates the Egyptian time.  She is energetically, archetypically, and spiritually the Goddess of the goddesses.  This is a powerful spiritual energy that has been, is being, evoked, provoked, and infuriated by the terrorist group I.S.I.S.  
Goddess Isis is mad.  Fuming mad.  The dark forces that are working through these terrorists think that they can overcome the Light by taking on the name of Light, ie Isis.  
Isis is part of the feminine god force, which is over the next millennia about to ‘birth’ a new feminine in our world, bringing balance to our consciousness, and love and beauty into all our hearts.  Is the ‘dark’ working overtime to stop this…?  Are we going to allow it…?  
This ‘terrorist’ situation, which will not be ‘fixed’ quickly will however, bring humanity together in a new way, we will define more clearly what really matters in life, and will pull together as a whole to bring in more Light to overcome the dark and negative forces.
This all sounds a bit scary, and it is not my intention to scare anyone, far from it.  But at the moment the strong message for us all is ‘to stay alert.’  We are all feeling the collective fear and irritation that is pervading the ethers.  In order to combat and counter the negative forces released recently, the spiritual light forces (Archangel Michael, Helios and St. Germain) send out strong energies that we experience as very ‘electrical.’  This electrical force is most easily felt in and around the head, but you may also feel it throughout your body, it can make you feel agitated and irritable.  Remember, this is a good thing as it is helping balance the negative forces.  
The negative energies are at this time disturbing the alignment of your seven main chakras, in other words they are focusing on sending your chakra system into chaos, which effects all aspects of your being, and your energy.  The greatest attention seems to be directed towards the solar plexus chakra (power centre), but also the throat chakra (will) and the third eye chakra (mind, intuition).  As much as possible, stay aligned, stay centred, get grounded.  Re-read my chakra book.
It was announced by the Australian government recently, that our security status has been elevated to ‘High Alert.’  I could not have said it better myself, because we all need now to be on ‘high alert’ particularly within.  Make sure you reinforce your personal psychic protection status to high alert, remember to breathe, be in nature as much as possible, and stay in the Light.  Call on Archangel Michael for protection.  
Sing, dance, laugh, overcome…
Blessings of living light to all, go in peace
August 10, 2014






It’s Full Moon again (10/11 August) ushering in a striking energy that will last quite some time.  It is powerful!  Giving us the power to break free from our own perceived limitations.  More than anything it is time to break that routine existence, or in other words, to get out of the rut.  Try something different!  Do something beautiful, enhancing, exquisite, for yourself or another.  This Full Moon energy is exquisite, beautiful, and is very fine and fast.  
Not everyone can deal with beautiful exquisite energy, but you can… and its there for you.  
You may have noticed subtly over the past few months that something in you has changed/is changing, and has brought you to this moment where it becomes evermore apparent that some situation in your life no longer ‘fits’ with who you are now.  It feels a bit new and a bit raw, but it is real and life is going to change for the better.  You may feel like you are shedding an old skin, and that much of what you enjoyed and felt expressed you… clothes, hobbies, friendship groups, career, seem to belong to the past.  Don’t stress, see it as the beginnings of an exciting new future with you in it!
Surrounding yourself with beautiful things, that you love, may sound superficial but its not, its essential.  Beauty is everywhere (have you seen a dandelion? or a sweet little violet?)  Beauty has always fed the soul, it is always uplifting, and is a spiritual principle.  
The world looks a mess at the moment, and there are some real concerns.  Remember, the pus has to rise to the surface first before healing can be completed.  We, and the world, are in the pus stage.  Again, the most spiritual thing you can do in regard to these conflicts and even the Ebola virus is to keep ‘holding the Light’ within you, which means not to hold on to any fear you have regarding the world events (not to ignore them either, otherwise you cannot be an effective ambassador of consciousness and light if you don’t know what’s going on), but to keep positive, sending love and light to those situations in the world.  Do not add to the negative energy trying to ‘land’ on our beloved world.  Counter it with beauty and love.  
Words (which includes thoughts) have taken on more power, and any such words will have long lasting effects in this new energy; so choose your words (and thoughts)  wisely.  Silence is lovely.
Blessings of beauty,
July 11, 2014






This Full Moon energy (July 12/13) ushers in a ‘new year’, and making July a very fast-paced intense month.  The past 6-8 months have been somewhat laborious, frustrating, testing …I think you know what I mean.  This has been in the name of ‘preparation;’  do you now feel prepared?  Changed?  Fed-up?  Spent?  Over it?  
Energetically, 2014 is like two distinct years in one, the first half ‘til mid-July and the second half from mid-July.  This Full Moon sees an intense outpouring of energies that tips us into the next phase of our lives, into a new cycle. 
It will feel better, especially if you like fire, feeling, drama, and awakening to your greater individuality.  
The second half of this year brings in the Heart Chakra; the focus is on the heart, and the experience of deeper feelings from the purely physical to the most etheric, divine moments.  It is time to follow your heart.  Passion is the spiritual fire of the Heart Chakra, be passionate about yourself, your decisions, your life.  
Relationships will only work if you are being you in the relationship, not who you are trying to be to ‘make’ the relationship work.  That is not heart, not love, it is ego.  Egotism in any form, is particularly rampant now, and will seem to become even more extreme;  what’s happening since the beginning of this year, is that we are seeing the ego in others and ourselves very clearly and not liking it.  Ego’s will continue to become even more transparent, puffed-up and ludicrous.  Ego is opposite to soul or truth.
Your heart is going to tell you from this time (and it may have already been doing so) that it wants and needs to be close to others.  Many others, not just lovers.  Facebook, and the like, isn’t doing it, technology creates barriers to heart and soul connections with others;  your hard-drive isn’t your life, or your soul.  If society doesn’t find balance with all our endless gadgets and our true heart needs it will (we will) collapse in on ourselves eventually.  
Balance is very much needed in all of us; in a sense both the masculine and feminine energies within us are out of control, out of balance.  We don’t really want to control them, we want to understand them, and understand what are the masculine or feminine energies driving us, and how to bring them into balance within ourselves.  For example, can’t find that special man…? then look within and check to see how you are expressing your own ‘inner man’ is your own inner masculine energy healthy and balanced?  The Universal Law is that we attract what we radiate, so the men in your life may mirror your own inner masculine side.
Lady Vesta (Ascended Master) is foremost at the moment and for a while to come; she is on the horizon, beckoning to your deepest levels, stirring your inner authority.  Vesta is fire, purifying, clearing fire… its her turn, and her energy that surrounds us will help to purify and balance the masculine and feminine polarities within us.  Fire is action, movement, success.  Its time to move.
You may begin to feel more fiery within yourself, and overall you will feel more connected, playful and hopeful.  
Remember, you can only take so much, or do so much, as a human you have limits.  Know your limits, this again is a question of balance.
Happy New Heart Year!
June 21, 2014






Today is Solstice, a powerful time, a turning point of the year.  In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice, and in the Southern Hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice.  Each hemisphere bringing their own expression of the Solstice energy.
Generally, there seems to be an ‘edgy, snappy, irritated’ feel to the energies at the moment, especially if we are unwilling to let go of control of a situation, or even ourselves.  At this time, letting go would be a healing thing to do and holding on would be wounding thing to do.  You will feel tired with this erratic energy.
This erratic energy is with us ‘til early July…there are all sorts of issues underlying this erratic feeling.  It can be quite explosive, partly because there are seemingly two opposing streams of energy effecting us at the moment.  The answer to this is balancing these two opposite forces in oneself, and within the world.  As we can see this is difficult to achieve and maintain.  Think about what these two opposing streams of energy or thought are within you at the moment, and give both sides some space and credence within you, this is how you balance it.  Not fighting one off and trying to go with the other.
There is a rawness about the new consciousness that is just erupting now, that it demands change …the old way is gone, there is an undercurrent in the collective memory (the collective memory is part of the etheric realm) that contains rage and grief, and any sense of suppression as an individual and collectively is going to trigger this collective rage.  
There is also a generational rage, shame and grief often carried unconsciously by us that is being triggered, this is to bring it to your attention so that the generational pattern (s) handed to you can be looked at, possibly felt and then dissolved by you.
This Solstice energy brings with it a creative rush (that will continue for a while) and a forceful feeling that will want to cut away the old, especially the bonds that no longer allow your soul to grow.  Fear not, you will always have more opportunities handed to you for your soul growth!  
Where is all this explosive disruptive energy taking us?  There seems to be nothing but more and more chaos and violence in the world, and even in our own individual world.  Simply, it is taking us to the conscious release of our IAM energy;  from this point it looks like a long journey.  This current energy force is creating chaos in our lives until we ‘stop apologizing for who we are.’   I AM.  I know we have heard this before, many times, too many times so that we no longer really hear it or understand what it means.  Stop apologizing for being …. sensitive, insecure, over weight, handsome, poor, fearful, wealthy, beautiful, amazing, ordinary, extraordinary…whatever your thing (s) is.  Stop it.
This Solstice go with the energy by saying: 
                                I stop apologizing for who I AM
It’s time.
May 20, 2014






Release is the main energetic focus this week, release of the past limitations, frustrations, and of the sense of ‘marking time.’  This releasing will occur mainly from the solar plexus chakra within you, involving all its different energies and challenges.
There has been a refining process going on inwardly for at least the past three months, which has left us tired.  There is a need to sleep, not only to replenish but because much is being ‘updated’ within your consciousness whilst you are asleep.  If possible, allow yourself to rest and sleep more.  Soon this process will be over for now, and you will feel more energized, renewed, and with a new vigour for life.
Over the past seven weeks we have been discussing and using more consciously the vibrational frequency of the ‘I AM…’ and I understand from many of you that this has been very helpful and fruitful.  In using the ‘I AM’ more consciously we are retraining ourselves and elevating our consciousness.  In understanding the difference between, say, “I have a body” and ‘I am a body’ you are immediately vibrating on a higher frequency of consciousness, and because of this you radiate a light that can be used for the benefit of many beings in all Kingdoms.  It may seem a simple thing but consciously using the ‘I AM…’ word vibration does have a profound effect.
So the mantra this week, that will help sustain the living Light within you, is:
Release with purity!
May 12, 2014






All life is energy, this will become more apparent and more significant in the decade to come.
What’s essential to our beingness and happiness is keeping our energies in balance, whether that’s physical energies, emotional energies, mental or soul energies.  It’s a merry dance trying to keep our energies in balance!  Balance = wellness.
In particular, and this is a key to our current issues and future, is the awareness and balancing of the male/female polarities within us.  We are aiming for balance, where one energy doesn’t dominate the other, both within the individual and within our global world.  
In our society to give equal expression to these opposite energies within us is quite a challenge.  For instance, if you find it challenging to manifest (money especially) then your masculine energy within you is not being expressed adequately or appropriately.  You may be relying too heavily on your feminine energy, therefore putting yourself out of balance.  Alternatively, you may be too neutral, ie not expressing or feeling either your masculine energy or your feminine energy.  Sadly, this seems to be the state of many people in today’s world.  There is little passion or excitement, which is often the result of an imbalance of the male/female polarity within.
The mantra that will help you this week, and hold the Light within you, is:
Be happy!
May 05, 2014






Its time to stretch your vision of who you think you are.  There is a continually moving spiritual impulse devoted to helping all of us see ourselves much more clearly, and to act and speak accordingly.  This leads to self-love.  
There are not enough beautiful thoughts in the world.  There are not enough true loving feelings being expressed.  Its time to express what’s in your heart, to speak up, its also time to communicate truthfully and compassionately.  Think at least one wondrous and beautiful thought each day. 
It starts with you.
The mantra that will help you this week, and hold the Light within you, is:
             I AM BEAUTIFUL
Be in peace.
April 28, 2014






On 28-29 April we will experience the energies of an annular solar eclipse visible only from parts of Australia, Indonesia and the Antarctic.  
This eclipse energy is about renewal of the heart.  Which includes renewal of things we love to do, and/or possibly finding a new passion.  The most essential thing to do in this energy (and perhaps always) is to enjoy the moment, this very moment, savor it.   This is a very heart-centred thing to do.  Don’t waste time, energy or thought on things that don’t matter.
The potential in your life is now wide-open, especially if you open your heart.  New ideas and new information abound that can shift anything stuck or stagnant.  
This is a time of pure metaphysics, listen to your heart, act on your intuition.  There is a great sense of the unseen, spiritual forces guiding (pushing) you onward.  
For the openhearted this is a ‘once in a few lifetimes’ time!
The mantra that is strong this week, and will help sustain the living Light within you, is:
              I AM LOVE
April 22, 2014






Well, that certainly was a beautiful and powerful lunar eclipse!  I can still feel it reverberating throughout our world.  The feminine power and energy released at that time reaches everyone on the vibratory level where your awareness is located. Depending upon your particular sensitivity to feminine energies your experience and response will differ.  For instance:


  1. A person with a denser vibration (slower vibration, less aware) will experience these current energies as a feeling of being ‘put upon’ that something is imposed on them.  May become very aware of feeling trapped.
  2. A more evolved individual (with higher and faster vibration) will experience these energies as a feeling of adjustment, and as if, life flows more.
  3. On a more finer level of vibration the individual will experience the current energies as a new era in one’s life.  And a certain lightness; those things that felt difficult, and a struggle, now seem easier. 
  4. On this high level of consciousness the individual will feel the power and resourcefulness of the feminine, and be glad.


We can, of course, move in and out of all these feeling states, and indeed experience them all in a short space of time.  But one of these states will be more dominant, more noticeable, and this will be your current vibratory experience on a soul level.


The mantra that will help you this week, and hold the Light within you, is:


         I AM feminine power.







April 14, 2014






April 14 and 15 is the Full Moon, with a powerful lunar eclipse visible in Australia, New Zealand and the Americas.  For the people living in those countries the lunar eclipse energy is even more intense and more transformational.  But for all of us it is a powerful time, it looks like a cauldron of energies being stirred and stirred until the dross falls away and something magnificent and radiant materializes.
This eclipse time is a significant turning point, in a very significant week, in a significant time!  It is a dramatic karmic moment, a point of destiny that will ripple through the coming year.  
April 16 and 17 are an oasis in the chaos, a spiritual time, good time to heal, relax, unwind.  This eclipse week is also about your connection to your Higher Self, try feeling it, become closer to you.  It can also be a time of great manifestation, of beautiful abundance, provided there is forgiveness.  Forgiveness most often precedes the feeling of abundance, and the reality of abundance.
At this lunar eclipse there is also an outflowing of the Divine Feminine energies that are sensitizing us to what needs to change both within ourselves and globally.  There is a new message for humanity in this eclipse…the old feminine is eclipsed, and the new feminine arises.  Watch any power grabs, aggression (which can be subtle), and violence in your world, as the Divine Feminine breathes out.
The waters of our bodies need purification.
To hold the Light within you over the next 7 days I suggest you repeat the following mantra:
                         I AM and I feel forgiving, and abundant
Go well.
April 07, 2014






Spiritually, you are being encouraged (i.e. pushed) to put your self and/or your soul ‘out there,’ which will paradoxically make you feel like ‘you’ve come home.’  But this is not to be confused with ego, narcissism or pride. 
April is a tremendous month, or possibly tremulous.  It’s a tricky energy, especially from mid-April onward.  This spiritual energy can be used negatively and you become the trickster (like Mercury) or it can be used consciously and wisely (like Hermes).  It’s up to you.  You may, at times, be triggered by this fiery feeling energy.  It will most likely trigger your ego. Watch that you don’t become too self important and puffed up. 
This spiritual energy is a highly refined energy that can irritate the nervous system; we all need to remind ourselves to be kind, patient and forgiving to ourselves and towards others.  It is a transforming energy, but the only way the transformation can take place is by ‘bashing up against and through’ any ego-barriers within us, and sometimes mirrored back to us from others.  The idea is to make you conscious of your own ego operating. The bigger your ego the more you can be triggered by others shunning you, ignoring you, telling you you are wrong, blowing you off, not treating you fairly, or by misunderstanding you.  Watch any intense reaction (reacting = ego; responding = soul) within yourself, it could be your ego!
Many people with already vastly over-inflated egos will find this added energy enflaming and will not handle life or others well.  
Be assured that during this month certain world leaders will not be watching their egos, and will be ‘blowing off’ all over the place.  There will be a lot of knee-jerking by the knee-jerks.
Because this intensifying energy effects global events, it is important for you to not add to the frantic, ego-driven, foolish or negative energies that others will be spewing out.  Hold the Light within you; it is very important in April to remember this daily, do not give in to the Dark; hold your heart daily.  Love the love in you, send it out to the world.  Each day when the sun goes down consciously open your heart to the Divine and ask for, and expect, radical miracles.
Balance ego (yours and the world’s) with spiritual energy by repeating constantly:
I AM.  Also start all sentences with I am…  
To hold the Light powerfully this week, and contribute to the psychic wellbeing of the world it would be good to say for the next 7 days, as often as you like:  
                                                                            I AM still in my body.  
Next week I will offer you another saying that will help you through this challenging time.  
Blessings of Light
February 27, 2014






This isn’t news, but everything is about to change, again.  This is particularly true right now and will continue until early May.  The spiritual energies are pushing us to change, so you will feel the need to change, or an apprehension that change is about to be thrust upon you.  You will decide to change one thing and this will have a reverberating effect on your life changing everything.  Part of this is the desire to throw everything out, change your look, change your interior furnishings, change your garden, change your work, etc.  
New Moon energies on and around the 1 March bring us great opportunities for spiritual healing, particularly through any form of water (the most etheric substance), much can be released into the water, even bath or shower water.  
Lady Venus’ energies are also very strong at the moment, she is encouraging you to be the ‘whacky’ you, which is most likely the real you!  If you have already noticed the desire within you to be more outrageous, then its time to release your more eccentric self, try it and see what happens (obviously, not hurting yourself or others in the process).  Ascended Master Lady Venus will help you!
We all experience the ‘inner noise’ that constant background mind din that we barely notice ‘til it stops for a second, this noise or ‘voices’ are the ideas and concepts that were passed on to us from our ancestral line.  Over the next few months you may become more aware of this inner din (which is a good thing), you will notice also that from around the New Moon (1 March) you will have more moments when the inner mind din stops and allows inner quiet.  When this happens your true self, and your soul voice, can be heard by you, instead of the mind din.
There is a push from Lady Venus to be more you, a deeper, greater you than you are aware of.  
The process of getting to that point is not necessarily comfortable, and as you will mostly likely be experiencing constant change you will probably feel frustrated with the seemingly endless need to change your mind, or deal with others constantly changing their mind, or constantly changing circumstances.   Making decisions and permanent plans is difficult when so much is in flux.  This is how it is until May.  You are learning how to manage a much finer, elevated level of consciousness, exquisite sensitivity and a new level of perception, and learn it in a hurry!  These are tiring times!  
Understand and allow.
January 24, 2014






As I have mentioned many times, it is your task to ‘download’ the frequency of the new consciousness on this planet.  Connecting to this new frequency, downloading it or anchoring it within and through yourself, and then being able to sustain it is what I call ‘holding the Light.’  In 2014 this becomes more and more relevant, particularly to spiritually aware people.  
Since the last Full Moon there has been a great influx of the ‘divine feminine’ energy, this is to add impetus and dynamism to the feminine principles within each of us, and our world.  It is to balance the overly strong and often misused masculine energies that have dominated for the past 6,000 years.  This is a long process, which has already begun, but will gain momentum now.  
The past few months sees the end of a karmic cycle, it is a frequency level that has been healed and effected most of us.  Till later in the year we are still in the dissolving part of this karmic cycle, so it is likely that we will experience much ‘cutting,’ and letting go in ourselves and our lives.  The best thing is to rapidly learn the ability to ‘adapt.’  There is a constant need now to adapt, and keep on adapting.  This will be your best friend.  Evolution:  Adapt or die!
Having harmonized (balanced) this karma you are ready for something new, and an expansion of your consciousness.   This exciting new level or frequency of consciousness that is coming in is what I call the ‘Mary Magdalene consciousness.’  It is what was forgotten, left behind, trampled on.  In leaving the Divine Feminine behind we have and still are destroying our world; it is out of balance and so is most of humanity.
Our etheric bodies (life force, Chi) need to be more malleable and more receptive to be able to receive the new divine feminine frequency that is available now.  This simple exercise will help with that:
Close your eyes and put your attention in your arms and hands and feel within them the life force (etheric), it’s an aliveness, an energy, movement, tingling.  Do not think about it, don’t let your mind ‘chat.’  Feel it.  Do the same with the feet, legs, torso, and head.  The more you put your attention on the inner energy the more it regulates itself, and intensifies and then expands.  Let it expand out into your auric field, which is within and beyond your physical body, and see if you can feel it expanding out.  The energy in your aura is not as easy to feel but it is possible with practice.  
This exercise helps you in many ways, not only being more able to receive, but improve and strengthens many of your bodily systems, and can be balancing and therefore healing.  It is also grounding.  Repeat this often.
Many blessings,
January 06, 2014





2014 is the Year of Impeccability! 

Which doesn’t mean you have to be ‘faultless’ or without a flaw, but it does mean that you will naturally want to give life your utmost, you will want to get more organized, more dynamic and in every way, be more impeccable.  This includes the way you treat your body, your friends, your relationships, your overall attitude.


2014 will be a more harmonious and easy year than recent years if you allow for some impeccability in your life.  There will be new answers and new solutions to the old issues.  It is a good energy for additional study or going much deeper into yourself, or into the greater mysteries – there is much to discover.


Wishing you many blessings for the year ahead!  It will be worth it!





December 23, 2013






That time is upon us again, a time of remembering, a time of forgetting and forgiving, a time for family, love, fun.  This Christmas and New Year period will be one of extremes, like hesitancy and boldness, stillness and chaos, caution and outrageousness.  Rest, recuperate whenever you can, and remember that we are celebrating the birth of Christ in our world, in other words, the birth of a higher consciousness within us.  From February 2014 we will see events in our lives that give us all the opportunity for acceleration in consciousness.
The road ahead is about honesty, its about force and energy, breakthroughs, living the truth, value and respect.  Learning and refining these things to a higher level is not easy, it will be challenging, yet if we meet the challenge it will be incredibly rewarding and productive.
Enjoy everyday and all it brings you this Christmas and in 2014.
Keep the Christmas light in your soul, 
Blessings of Christmas angels,
November 27, 2013






Do you feel like you have been existing in a small confined space, restricted or ‘on hold’ for the past six weeks?  There was no escape from this ‘mini initiation;’  from the transforming energies that surrounded us, but now you are about to be released, to feel freer, elevated, and more adventurous.
On 2/3 December is the New Moon, always a new energy giving us a new beginning, and fresh hope.  From this New Moon for about five weeks its important not to get sidelined by trivia or the non-essential, not to get distracted with pettiness.  Otherwise, you will feel bogged down, confused, lost and become unproductive.  The essential thing with this energy is to keep your mind on the big vision, the big picture for yourself and others.  Dare to expand that vision you have for yourself and your life.  Expect more.  Do not be small-minded, or effected by small-mindedness in others.  
This is the Christmas season, a time of celebration, and a time of surprises this year.  It’s a time of honouring Spirit.  Your physical body houses your spirit, so it would be good for you and your soul if during this Christmas season you honoured your physical body, realizing and appreciating how well it serves you, and by caring and adoring it (adorning it).  Notice also what energizes you, does honouring and pampering your physical body energize you?  Notice also what drains your energy.  This understanding of our personal energy use is important for the incoming year and the future.  Correct use of energy, and energy resources, is not only an essential issue for the world, it is essential for each individual to understand and use their energy correctly too.  As within, so without. 
November 01, 2013







There is a powerful solar eclipse occurring on 3rd and 4th November, visible mainly in parts of Africa, and at the same time is the New Moon.  Both these events bring something new, they bring change…  and a greater sense of renewal, lightness of being, and hope.  
This particular eclipse has the energy of destiny, it is an opportunity to more fully activate your soul’s contract, that which you brought in with you when you incarnated.  Activation is the word-energy for this eclipse.  It is quite possible that over the eclipse period you will activate the destiny you forgot about.  This will happen naturally, you don't have to make it happen, in fact if you try to make it happen you will block the eclipse energy.
So this eclipse and the new moon facilitate an opportunity from the spiritual worlds to bring unexpected destiny or fate into your life, releasing potential into 3D-reality.  What you have been thinking on, planning for, wishing and hoping for over the past few years has the opportunity to really manifest now.  
The past few weeks have been testing time for most of us, the challenges have cut deep, masks have been removed, raw emotion and old secrets have been revealed.  The testing was necessary to prepare us for the influx of the new energies via the eclipse and new moon.  Much of the concerns and worries of the past few weeks will melt away in the light of this eclipse.
If you want to be more aware of what’s in your soul’s contract, in other words, your destiny, be aware of the thoughts, feelings, events, that occur from 2nd to 8th November, especially take note if anything unexpected happens.  It would be beneficial to write down at the end of each day during that time the events of the day, who you met, where you went, also your nighttime dreams, and how you were feeling and what you were thinking during that day.  Then look at it over that week, and you may see a pattern, message, or indication of what’s in your soul’s contract and what’s being activated by this energy.  You may become very aware of your destiny!
October 04, 2013






The pace is quickening, the energies of October will feel intense.  Those of you who feel a ‘soul exhaustion’ will find solace on a very deep level in the coming months.
Okay, why do we need more intense energies coming at us from the spiritual worlds creating intense feelings and challenges in our lives?  … To grow, to progress, to evolve on all levels.  There is within us very old, ancient, hidden material (mostly emotional), which we have been depressing and compressing for so long that it has become ‘volcanic’ within us.  It is rumbling away slightly beneath the surface, this is especially true for women.  We are storing this old compressed emotion in our solar plexus area (between the lower ribs, centre of the body), this is the region of the solar plexus chakra.  As we know this is a highly complex chakra, but the two main functions of this chakra are how you relate to yourself, how you feel about yourself, from which arises genuine self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and so on and also, self-doubt. The other function of this chakra is that it is the seat of your personal inner sense of power.  (Not ego).  It naturally follows that the more genuine sense of self-worth you have the more truthfully powerful you are, and the more self-doubt you have the more powerless you feel.  
In October and beyond, because the spiritual energies are effecting the solar plexus chakra and stirring up its blocked and often volcanic energy (solar plexus chakra element is fire) we will be feeling it mostly in our gut.  Literally and metaphorically speaking.  These evolutionary and transforming urges are challenging us on a deep level, ultimately to improve our relationship with ourselves, clear out the deep karmic wounds, and bring us more fully into our true power.  This will include generational healing, healing within the family.  
Through this intense process we will heal our hearts; the way to the heart (chakra) is always through a clearer, balanced, solar plexus.  
Whenever the gut is involved you are learning most about yourself (solar plexus chakra), especially if it ‘erupts’ and goes through a time of cleansing!  The other thing that may erupt over the next few months are any power issues you may have; power struggles, stepping into your power.  Stepping into your power more is not about bullying, being more demanding, or louder.  It is having a sense within of tremendous inner strength and stillness, it is blissful.
This spiritual energy is a healing energy and is creating a spiritual healing field of light, which is urging you to participate fully in life, practise being, and have more acceptance of yourself.  There is a great opportunity for releasing that old disgruntled energy held within your solar plexus chakra (effecting your gut) slowly over the next four months into this healing field of light.  And to have a lighter heart.


September 18, 2013






The world is changing.  It may not seem like it as we look around us, but something is happening.  It may seem that we and the world are in chaos, and it certainly isn’t an easy time, but the tensions and situations we face now which are ancient in their origin (whether that’s your personal inner conflict or the tribal/religious conflicts of the world) have been ‘replayed’ in so many ways over the centuries by all of us that we are truly, finally, over it now.  
Over the past few weeks there has been, and continues to be, predominantly, a tremendous sense of stuck energy, powerfully stuck, and a lot of it.  This is both within our personal lives, within ourselves and also in world situations (like the Syrian/Middle Eastern conflicts) that is calling out to be resolved.  This stuck energy needs to ‘unstick’, it is up for healing, it is time – this stuck energy will either dissolve or explode.  This process creates a sense of pressure building both within ourselves, and in the world.  Where do you feel most stuck?  This is the root of the building pressure you feel, and contains the resolution.  
There are two opportunities shortly that could help with the releasing of the ancient stuck energy in you and the world.  This is the Full Moon on 19/20 September and the Equinox that is on 21/22 September; both bringing a time of renewal, and balancing out the old patterns with something new and inspiring.  
I feel that the current Equinox on the 21 September will be more significant energetically than we are used to in our modern era.  It will be ‘amped up’ energetically and possibly this will continue at future Equinox times.  The Equinox is barely thought of in our modern era, but to the ancients, including the ancient Egyptians, it was a very special event that was celebrated.  Equinox basically means ‘equal night’ where day and night are equal (this is very simplistic, it means much more).  Whenever there is complete and exquisite balance in the cosmos (which includes within us!) miracles can happen, (such as the time of the Equinox) this is because the energy and light can stream from the heavens with no obstacles.  Inequality and imbalance are obstacles to the flow of spirit, and create stuck energy within us and our world.  Equality and balance creates perfect harmony, nothing is stuck.
We are entering the next phase; time to finish the phaffing about, and go forward, this is why seemingly everything is coming to a head.
It is quite likely that what has seemed impossible to resolve or balance, will from left-field, be resolved and resolved calmly.  
Many blessings,
July 07, 2013






Your soul is telling you something.  Your body is telling you something.  Your emotions and feelings are telling you something.  Your intuition is working overtime.
What truth is trying to get your attention?  There is a force within you that will not rest until you more fully realize your potential, and step with authority into your soul power.  Denial is not going to work anymore - once you know, you know and you do know.
You want to feel good, energized and happy, this does not happen when all your energy is used to facilitate and sustain your position of denial.  Denial is not unconscious; we know what we are denying.
We have just entered a new energy, a new opportunity for independence and interdependence, where denial of the truth will not be tolerated both globally and within each individual.  The biggest battle with this is within yourself, though we will see much unrest, change and revolution in the world, we will also really feel our own unrest deep within (and we may not understand the feelings or intuitions that rise up from deep within us).  What we are doing is bringing about a greater birth of our present incarnation.  
Denial usually relates to power issues.  Power does not mean being more aggressive, bombastic, or authoritarian; in simple terms it means being centred.  Centred in the truth of your being.  Centred in the now.  If you can truly listen with your soul (perception) you are powerful.  
Be kind.
Many blessings,
June 22, 2013






Solstice (21/22 June) energy is with us again, followed closely this year with an extraordinary full moon, known as a supermoon.  This moon will be visible 22/23 June and will seem immense, as it is closest to the Earth for 2013.  Solstices, whether winter (southern hemisphere) or summer (northern hemisphere) are always what I call ‘consciousness hot-spots,’ and followed by such an amazing full moon will certainly release something new and amazing into consciousness.  
We are all probably feeling fed up with the old, especially the ‘out of control’ feeling that has been pervasive for a long time.  There has also been a feeling of being overwhelmed or even manipulated by something invisible or something in the background that wont come into the foreground so you can see it properly.  
Something big is about to emerge, and July starts a new and unique energy environment.  It will be exciting!  You will feel more connected and part of something larger.  We are at the very end of a long chapter, and the beginning of a new phase.
This Solstice/Full Moon force starts or triggers your deep heart levels, you will be more aware of heart, you will ‘hear’ and ‘see’ more through your heart levels.  You will want to feel, you will be love.  Your intuition and third eye chakra will be ‘on fire.’  July will start this more heartfelt consciousness, it will be a slow start but the new will become more grounded and real as the year moves on.  
Remember, that a new level of consciousness (evolution) is often birthed through revolution; it doesn’t have to be violent but initially (especially in some countries) it often is.
There are and will be power struggles, as some do not or cannot deal with the new heartfelt energy.  If you notice this around you, in your work environment, friends or family, as much as possible handle it gently and creatively.  
In July, slow maybe quicker.  Aim for less words but more meaning.
If possible, connect with the Full Moon tonight, and feel the wonder of life, pulsing from the Moon and through your body.  Be open and positive so you can receive the gifts of this supermoon.  Don’t exclude yourself.
June 02, 2013






How are you after the great release of energy during the eclipse season (24 April to 25 May)?
As we know this is not an easy time to be incarnated, and over the past month (s) you may have experienced quite a high level of anxiety, anger, confusion, disappointment and annoyance.  This accelerated energy release has caused a lot of strain on all levels.
The recent spiritual energy release has a purpose (as do they always), and the purpose for this energy being directed towards us is to ignite something deeper in us, to more fully awaken each of us to our soul levels.  To move forward it is necessary to feel your depths, what you are capable of, your strengths, your courage and determination.  This new energy in being directed towards the soul will have an impact on the heart (feeling) chakra, so life has been, and will continue to be demanding you to open your heart, be more vulnerable, more forgiving, more loving. You will be encouraged to keep your heart open even if its uncomfortable.  (The negative side of this is that feelings of jealousy, rage, envy, spitefulness can arise if we are blocked on the heart level).  The heart is not an easy journey.
There seems to me to be one word that describes fully the energy and events of the past month or so, and that is ‘charged.’  We have experienced a ‘charge’ of new energy, we feel charged somewhat like an electrical storm going through the core of our being.  That ‘charge’ is experienced and dealt with in many varied ways depending upon the individual.  This can be anything from inappropriate actions or words, conflict, to amazing creativity, originality, and warmth towards yourself and others.  
Actually, I have three words for you this June.  One is ‘charged.’  The others are ‘FINALLY’ (yes, expressed in capitals!) and ‘rest.’  
‘FINALLY’ in this sense is ‘delayed justice arriving just in time;’ and/or ‘FINALLY’ in the sense of ‘after all the hard work, effort, determination, risk, courage and seeing no or little result, finally it is happening, and it has been worth it…’  Also, ‘FINALLY’ in the sense of closing doors on the old and having finished a cycle, prepared and almost ready for the new.  That feeling of ‘FINALLY’ gives a sense of greater hope, enthusiasm and adventure.
Rest.  What can I say?  When did you last have a real rest?  June is a pivotal month; not immediately, but as the month progresses you will see and feel that this is a turning point that you have been working towards for a long time, and finally its happening.  It seems to me that through your journeying over the past decade or so, that you (and myself included) now feel over-extended, over-stimulated, wired and tired.  This is the high frequency energies effecting our nervous system, at a pace not experienced by humans before.  In approximately two weeks you will be able to rest, it will be possible, it is necessary.  Don’t feel guilty about resting.  Rest, really rest (even, and especially your mind), and this will fill up the empty reservoirs of your soul.  Your soul really needs this.  Your heart needs it too.
And, FINALLY its time to rest.
Blessings and peace,
April 27, 2013





We are living in a time of profound disconnect to our true divine nature, and a disconnect to the Earth (nature).  We are, as it were, floating around ‘lost in space.’  This may give us a feeling of being an ‘orphan’ here on Earth, of being ‘giddy’ from going around and around trying to find purpose in it all.  For the next two weeks it would be very beneficial to stop that, and to practise being still, and bringing your energy into your core.  You can easily do this by putting your attention (you can put your hand there also) and your breath into the centre of your body, the solar plexus area.  Breathe into this area for a few minutes, breathing in the new and on the out breath letting go of the old.  Do this daily for at least two weeks.  
Trust and faith are the current principles that are calling us.  What, who, do you truly trust?  What do you truly have faith in?  What are you faithful too?
From the fire energy of the last few weeks (causing explosions, fires, violence, action, conflict, creativity, intuition) that was released (and can be misused) we move into a deep, potent, civilising energy of learning, truth, and belonging. 
This is ushered in by the current eclipse season we have just entered.  This particular season lasts from approximately 25 April to the 25 May.  On 25 April we had a partial lunar eclipse, and May 9 sees a solar eclipse (also New Moon), and on 24/25 May we have another lunar eclipse.  As we know, eclipses are very significant, especially total eclipses, as they create a portal or a doorway through which progress is made, and we have the opportunity to go from one level of experience to another.  The energy of eclipses bring a sharp dividing line between the old, and something new and important being introduced into consciousness, into life.  
During this eclipse season (they always come in pairs, though in this season there are three eclipses), it is essential that you focus and steer your life, and yourself, in the direction that is most desired by you.  If you consciously do this, there is enormous power, energy, potential and creativity available to you, you will feel propelled forward towards your destiny.  The next eclipse (9 May), has a profound sense of ‘seeing life anew, fresh, and potent.”  This will only manifest for you if you take the spiritual energy released at the last eclipse (25 April) and use it to release old, cloying, attachments to the past, especially the old conditioning and ‘shoulds’ handed down through your ancestral line.  If possible look at the patterns that keep being repeated through your generational line, and dare to do it differently.  There’s a new way to do things.  Trust.  Getting out of old patterns of consciousness and into new, more liberated ones, takes courage and persistence.  You have this.  Trust.
Eclipses always bring a ‘loosening,’ a freedom.  What new freedom do you have since 25 April?  
Blessings and love to all.  Claire
March 28, 2013






Happy Easter!  
Easter is often associated with fire, fire being associated with cleansing, rebirth, purification, resurrection and spirit.  This Easter and also the weeks either side of Easter are particularly fiery this year; actually, the most fiery I can remember.
On a mundane level all this fiery energy in and around us suggests that we will be irritable, quick to anger, argumentative, with possible conflicts flaring up suddenly, and prone to accidents, particularly transport accidents.  We can, of course, find this a very creative, passionate time, but it seems that it is more of a ‘testing’ fire.  Be extra careful when driving, don’t take risks (risks are fire energy), and be mindful of not firing up and being argumentative.  Everything may feel like a battle!
On a symbolic level, Easter has many layers of meaning.  It was originally a Springtime festival, and celebrated fertility, which is now symbolized by the Easter Egg.  Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and symbolic of love and sensuality (it is very sensual melting in the mouth).  Chocolate creates a certain kind of fire and passion within you.
Easter celebrations are an interesting amalgamation of the old pagan celebrations, Passover, and the later Christian traditions.  The Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples was probably a Passover (Pesach) meal.  
Eostre (Easter), or Ostara, was an old goddess of Spring, and fertility.  Eostre is the root of the word oestrogen, the female hormone, so here we can see that in celebrating Easter we are associating ourselves with the Divine Feminine, as well as the more traditional meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Divine Masculine).
On the higher level, this Easter is what I am calling the ‘Fire initiation.’  Easter is always about some form of initiation, that is, death, initiation, and then resurrection (rebirth to a higher level).  Wings of fire will take us to our rebirth… clearing has begun, and all is quickening.  Over Easter when fire in many forms is available to us find time to contemplate Easter and feels its energies, see the divine wings of fire, and empty your self of all confusion that belongs to this world and consciously call in the Holy Fire.  Call Easter to you.
Blessings, and a safe and glorious Eastertime to all!
March 14, 2013






It is absolutely the perfect time to ‘download’ your vision, and your new image.
How you present yourself to the world, particularly visually, at the moment is very important and will bring you success in your endeavours.  This may sound shallow and frivolous as image has got a ‘bad wrap’ over recent decades, but previously to that, how you presented yourself mattered.   We are all very visual, some more than others, and we take very many cues from just one glance at another…in reality it still matters. 
It is time to bring in a new vision, and a new image, whether that is for yourself, your career, business, family; it’s the perfect time to create your desired future.  The vision and image is already held in your soul consciousness (you brought it in with you) but it needs to be brought forward now into your everyday consciousness, so you can live it, you do this through your imagination.  Imagine how you would like your life to be in every detail.  Then image it, that is, bring it out from the imagination realm onto paper, print, paint, etc. and mostly onto you.  In some way express your new vision through you, through your image.  It is time to become the image you have of yourself – the self you’d like to be.  Perhaps its more correct to say even more of who you’d like to be.
There has been an energy building up over the past few months that is about to be released; this energy build up has caused even more confusion, irritability and a sense of being direction-less.  You may feel like something is about to happen or even an underlying angst that life is about to go out of control as this energy gets closer to releasing.  It is very subtle, just beneath the surface, but its there.  
This spiritual energy release is to cleanse some very old karmic conditions within us, or at least, many of us.  It is ancient fear we have been carrying, it is what I call ‘Atlantean fear,’ relating mostly to the development and reawakening process of your third eye chakra.  The condition and radiating (or not) energies from your third eye chakra and your solar plexus chakra is how you present yourself to others and the world, and how your mind perceives you; in other words, what you think of you.  There needs to be cleansing in these two chakras so that we can all see ourselves much more truthfully; which is quite beautiful.  You may feel the energy release or discharge in the region of your solar plexus (centre waist just under the ribcage) or in your third eye area (centre forehead), and associated areas of the body, like the physical eyes or ears.
Without wanting to sound like a ‘stargazing daily forecast’ I want you to be vigilant, and know that shortly a mentor, or guide, or group, or network, is about to appear with good advice and inspiration for you.  This is part of the energy release.
Go well.  Blessings
February 18, 2013





As we know, 2013 continues the theme of rapid transformation bringing humanity and the world into a new consciousness.  We see the Divine Feminine in action this year, and the inner awakening of the individual through their third eye chakra.
I can ‘see’ a subtle but distinct change between the end of 2012 and where we are now within ourselves, and globally.  There is a new level of honesty coming in (via Archangel Michael), a new level of seeing things, situations and people as they really are... or perhaps it is more correct to say seeing and experiencing people and situations on a deeper level, what’s really motivating them; this will continue to happen as the third eye develops.
This sounds good, and it is, but initially it can be quite a shock.  As the third eye becomes more active we attain a much higher level of clarity - this is necessary as your soul journeys on but it can be very confronting and uncomfortable.  You become more aware, overwhelmed at times, feeling ‘raw’ and have a high degree of recognition of what's really going on, whether that’s seeing yourself more clearly, and your purpose, or seeing others more clearly, or seeing politics and world events more clearly.  We cannot experience truth or the spiritual worlds without this 'high’ clarity, but as many people have shared with me lately it can be a shock when you see how people and events are.  It is an awakening.  It can also, for a while, make you feel isolated.  It is a process and does settle down in a while; you don’t lose the new level of clarity but your whole being will get used to it as the new ‘norm’ and you will no longer feel shocked by those around you.  Usually, after this initial shock stage the next stage is about deep compassion; we start to feel tremendous compassion for the 'dishonest' people around us, (there is no sense of judging or feeling superior to others) because we can see deeply into them, and how they operate, their motivation, and their wounding we feel a deep compassion for them – this deep compassion (heart chakra) can also be 'painful' for us because we feel their pain and have a great sense of wanting to help them, but don’t usually know how.  
As your third eye chakra starts opening to greater levels, remember that you are representing the Light at all times, and others will feel this, and may begin to treat you differently.
To answer questions put to me recently - the rash on the third eye area, or any sensation of tingling, or slight burning, or a great desire to rub this spot on your brow is the energies of the third eye chakra shifting to a different speed and vibration - again, this is good.  Any movement is good, and always healing, eventually.
(I have available for purchase an overview of the spiritual energies and influences available to us during 2013, also I describe the potentials for the year and how to help yourself.  If you would like to purchase this written information (pdf) please go to my website, Home Page, and click 'Courses' and you can pay for it online).   
Blessings of happiness,
January 30, 2013





2013 continues the theme of rapid transformation bringing humanity and the world into a new consciousness.  We will see the Divine Feminine in action this year, and an inner awakening through the third eye chakra of many people.

I have available for purchase an overview of the spiritual energies and influences available to us during 2013, also I describe the potentials for the year and how to help yourself.  If you would like to purchase this written information (pdf) please go to my website, Home Page, and click 'Courses' and you can pay for it online.   


From today through the next three weeks we will see a change in energies, and a change in pace.  There is a flood of information coming in on all levels, at present this looks like spiraling energy both on the etheric level, and on the astral level, so spiraling etheric energy and spiraling astral energy.  This is unusual.  How will this effect us?  Why is it happening? 


Because we are all more sensitive now than we used to be, we are likely to feel this in various ways, like being ungrounded, being easily and constantly distracted, and feeling over-stimulated.  When too much data is coming in we get over-stimulated and find it hard to rest the mind, so even during sleep the mind seems to be racing.


This is happening at present to create within you a feeling of shifting realities, different ideas, impossible ideas, and not knowing quite what to think or believe or which direction to take.  This is the inner (and outer) atmosphere needed to create fertile ground within you for the new to take root.  You are moving forward.


In this quite cosmic month you consciously need to find time to rest, and relax, be in nature it will help.


In light,


January 10, 2013




Well, we survived the end of the world and the end of the Mayan Calendar, and we are now at the pointy end of transitioning into the Aquarian Age.  Over the next three years we will continue our rapid change and transformation, though 2013 promises to be a ‘softer’ year, energetically. 


In 2013 you will start to see your ongoing inner transformation manifesting outwardly in your life, you will start to feel and experience in your world the results of all your hard work over the past decade.  You will see the fruits.


Over the next year or so, we will, at times, feel tremendous excitement and happiness as our heart chakra is stimulated and opens more and more to this new spiritual light and energy flooding earth and our consciousness.  Our physical, emotional and mental bodies will all be effected, and we are likely to feel ungrounded, unco-ordinated, clumsy, confused, vague and over-stimulated at times.  This is because we are assimilating a spiritual force of light and energy that is unlike any we have been exposed to before as incarnated humans.  The energies and consciousness of the Atlantean times is the closest we have experienced to the new that is upon us.  Most of you have had lives during the Atlantean Period.


Understanding what’s going on helps a lot to ‘allow’ it to happen; be practical, grounded, honest, and tolerant with yourself and others…this will help also.


You are on your way – well done!


Blessings and love for 2013.








December 17, 2012







Friday, 21 December 2012 is solstice; it is also the End of the World apparently, according to our interpretation of the Mayan Calendar.  It is a symbolic end, powerful because so many people all over the world will be slightly apprehensive, excited, and focussing their mind power on this ending, thus helping create the end.
Really its been an ‘ending’ year, or possibly a ‘freedom’ year for you.
The only thing that seems to be ‘up’ for ending on and around the 21 December, from a spiritual viewpoint, is the ending (or completion) of any sacred contracts or sacred vows you may have brought in with you; especially those that create within you a sense of emotional frustration and/or anger.  So, on a personal level, it could be the end of frustration over a certain situation.  (It is not the end of all sacred vows and contracts).
Also, there is a strong energy around for the next couple of months that has a sense of ‘one more big push’ (not unlike the last big push when you are giving birth, which is both agonizing and bliss) before we finish this long cycle and welcome the new.  
The new, and this solstice, has an ‘Atlantis’ feeling about it, which also ushers in and flavours 2013 and the years to come.  More about this later.
Celebrate this solstice in a special way for you, celebrate the end of a cycle, celebrate you and your loved ones!
Very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year!
Love all.
November 07, 2012





As you are no doubt aware there is a total solar eclipse on 14 November, 2012 at 6.38am, known as the Great Eclipse, in Cairns, Australia; which is the last solar eclipse before the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21 December, 2012.  
Eclipses are very significant, especially total eclipses, as they create a portal or a gateway to higher worlds, and where the ‘gods’ and their wisdom are more easily accessible to us.  Eclipses also indicate a sharp dividing line between the old, and something new and important being introduced into consciousness.  Wherever the eclipse is centred over, it has the most impact, so in this case on those residing in Australia.  But of course, this powerful solar eclipse will also have a dramatic global effect, initiating a turning point for many global issues.
Science tells us that electro-magnetic fields increase dramatically when there is an eclipse, which effects Earth itself and also our energy bodies.  This one is incredibly significant for us, and I believe it is ushering in the new spiritual fire, the new consciousness and the new age.  It is in Scorpio, which is always intense, at the same time, cutting very deep within us on a feeling level.  
Australia is an ancient land of very advanced spiritual light, which goes back into the very ancient past.  This eclipse could trigger in the world, through Australia (Australia is relatively pure in its energies, both etheric and astral energies) the mass spiritual awakening that many have spoken of.  Regardless, Australia has an important part to play in the future of the world, and will become (etherically) one of the new spiritual centre of the new consciousness. 
On November 28 there is also a lunar eclipse in Australia.  This is not so powerful as the 14 November, but does herald the outpouring of divine feminine energies towards the world.   
It would be good for your soul and for the world if on both of these dates you could consciously open yourself to these two cosmic and spiritual events.  Good vibes!




September 28, 2012





All Full Moons are special, this Full Moon is incredibly special.  The energies, spiritual and cosmic have been building over the past week towards this fullness of the moon, being particularly potent from Friday, 28 to Sunday 29 September.  
This is a creative time, and is especially potent for beginning something new that will have lasting success, whether it is a project, business, relationship, friendship and so on.  The more consciousness and awareness you have of this the more powerful, successful and important will be the project, business etc.  
This Full Moon energy feels ‘weird’ but good-weird, a certain lightness or unexpectedness about things.  Also, I can ‘see’ that through this energy the spiritual worlds are giving us an opportunity to bring unexpected destiny into reality.  It is what I call a Destiny Point.  These are very powerful energized vortex’s of brilliant light that can awaken our souls, minds, and bodies to what is written in our personal destiny.  Also, this applies collectively, to the global events, or global soul.  
At any Destiny Point potential is released and becomes actuality.  
(Send your love, prayers and thoughts to the soul of Gillian Meagher, who was murdered recently in Melbourne, Australia.  One of the reasons that we are all feeling this deeply is that, in my opinion, this was an untimely death, in other words, this was not Gillian’s time to go.  She needs our prayers; as does her family and friends.
New laws and attitudes with evolve from this.
Blessings Gillian).
Blessings of moonlight on you all.
August 29, 2012





From the Full Moon on the 31 August (which is the second Full Moon in August, making it a ‘Blue Moon’ indicating a powerful and significant time), for the following month expect to be accessing a deep level of feeling within you.  
The feeling intensity will come in waves, peaking towards the end of the month.  
Your night-time dreams will also bring you a very strong message.  Take note.
There will be much variation in energies over the next few months, all very confusing, and taking us from the heights of bliss and joy, and for some, the overwhelming need to deconstruct their entire life, whether this is through circumstance or an urgent inner feeling.  
These energies are designed to bring much needed change, through feeling deeply what you really feel and owning it.  Once you own your truth, you have to live from that inner truth.  We have been preparing for inner and outer change for many years, but even so it may still be a shock.  
Remember, it’s your feeling, not someone else’s, no-one can make you feel a certain way, you always have choice.  Conscious choice indicates maturity.
We are back with our old friend: ‘Intensity’… anyone can feel intense, not everyone can use the force of intensity wisely.  Which at the moment should be our aim.  When ongoing intensity is abundant we usually want to ‘detach’ in some way, sometimes this is helpful, at this time it is better to stay in the feeling power of intensity.  Next time you really feel that everything is so intense, take a moment and ask yourself ‘how can I make this intensity useful, focussed, and meaningful?’ 
One of the reasons we want to open up more deeply to our feelings is because feelings are the key to life, how we feel, what goes on deep within us when understood more fully will bring us more happiness.  Over the next few years, you will be able to access within you a deeper level of potential, and deeper levels of joy and pleasure.  
Feel more, and use the intensity beautifully.
August 07, 2012






One of the most important spiritual principles that leads to mastery is INTEGRITY.  Integrity is about honouring yourself and all living things; it is essential to soul happiness.  
Integrity is about listening to yourself and coming from your highest inner truth.  We often feel guilty when we are not in integrity.  Integrity is a powerful energy, it brings harmony within, and joy and lightness.
At the moment, illusion seems rampart.  To counteract deluding yourself or being swept up in other’s delusion listen to your intuition.  Life will work better for you if you act from your intuition especially now and in the future.  
Coming from your integrity and trusting your intuition takes courage – have you got enough courage?   Coming from integrity also gives you an inner authority that others recognize.  Really question whether or not you are deluding yourself or others, and challenge yourself to act only from your intuition for a week!
True spiritual power comes from being ‘clear’ having clarity, being in integrity and loving.
July 24, 2012






For those people in Melbourne, I will be giving a talk and book signing at the Theosophical Bookshop, 125 Russell Street, at 2pm on Saturday, 28 July 2012.  Come along, hope to see you there!
DECLUTTER; MASTERS; Spanish Teachings
July 16, 2012






Declutter all levels.  There is an urgency about this, a strong cosmic 'shove' from above.  Start.  This includes your inner environment as well as your outer environment - are they any different, anyway?
Great opportunity at the moment to clear the dross from the past, especially since 2008, and in so doing redefine your future.  Old anger, old stuck patterns, old ideas of how it should be can be finally dissolved, freeing you to receive the gifts of your future.
Even though there is an urgency, best to take one day at a time decluttering, but it is essential that you keep going until its done.
Ascended Masters St. Germain, Lady Nada, and Sanat Kumara are calling you ...they are asking you to volunteer your love for greater purpose.  I suggest if you feel connected to all or any one of these Masters that you talk to them in your quiet time, or through meditation.  Just be open and available.  This has something to do with the incoming Aquarian energies, and the balancing of the Atlantean energies.  Love conquers all.
Spanish Deeper Teachings
I am very happy to offer the monthly 'Deeper Teachings' now in Spanish.  (Go to 'Courses' on the Homepage)  Marta, a friend and client has offered to translate them so that more people can share in the teachings.  Many thanks to Marta.
Blessings of love,
June 21, 2012



Happy Solstice!  Today is Winter Solstice here in Australia, and Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – it is always a powerful day.  It is a day to focus and celebrate the Light, so spare a moment or two today to honour this day, light a candle and give thanks for the continuity of life.  You do this in company with all who have gone before us honouring this day; to do this is very empowering and beautiful.


As there is so much going on for all of us it is difficult to know where to focus our attention and energy.  Remember, to keep very grounded; at the moment I ‘see’ a great many people, souls, ‘spinning out.’  Get grounded by being physical, you are in a physical body; breathe, stop, dance, swim, garden, enjoy a massage, etc.; this is essential and will help you to feel safer in the physical world, as changes happen all around us and within us.


Tuesday last, in the Melbourne (Australia) area, where I live, we experienced a 5.5 earthquake, which is a rare occurrence in Melbourne – the first at this magnitude for 109 years.  It sounded like a train hurtling through the walls of the house, with everything shaking.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  I have experienced earthquakes before (not in Melbourne) but the release of energy that happened during those thirty seconds was immense, more so than I’ve experienced before.  As we are all connected this energy release has an effect on all of earth and its inhabitants, although more so for those who felt it.


This particular energy release effected, and continues to effect our Crown chakra and our Sacral chakra, ie our connection with Spirit (God) which is the main function of the Crown chakra, and our connection to others which is the main function of the Sacral chakra.  These two chakras in us received the main force of this particular energy release from the Earth.  Obviously, we are being told something about these two areas within us that needs strengthening, clearing, and renewing.  Do not expect to be the same as you were.



As we know this is a crucial and intense time in our world and in our lives, a turning point in evolution.   2012 is the Year of the IAM where everything is amplified, and everything is happening all at once.  To help you understand more fully this process, and what's going on at a deeper level I am offering a monthly 'Deeper Teachings' article that you can subscribe to.  Initially, I am offering six 'Deeper Teaching' articles which will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month from 1st July to 1st December 2012.  The July edition will, for instance, be focussed around the recent Venus transit of the Sun, and although this has passed its influence has only just begun.  These articles will inform, guide, and hopefully encourage the greater fullness of your IAMness.  


So if you want to make more sense of your inner and outer world, keep connected and receive something a little deeper then please subscribe.  You can do this by going to "Courses" on the Home Page of my website (www.cobolt.com.au); where there are two options:  subscribe to all six articles for a total of $240; or subscribe to each separate month at a cost of $50 each article.  (All payments via creditcard).


I know that you are working hard in the Light; it does not go unnoticed by the 'gods.'


Many blessings to you,





May 29, 2012



“Everything amplified…everything all at once” describes in a nutshell the energies for 2012!
From a spiritual perspective 2012 is known as the Year of the IAM.  
The energies that create the life events and challenges, and the joys and loves of 2012 to 2016 are to bring you not only living more from your soul levels, but also to more consciously connect you to your own IAMness.  This is on a global scale.
If you cast your mind back over the events that have happened since around February 2012 you can see what your IAM is doing…whatever has happened in your life is what you needed to fully experience to enable more connection to your IAM energy, and for it to become the ‘ground of your being’ (which it is anyway).  The opportunity for ‘downloading’ of your IAMness continues in earnest till 2016, so as your life goes on apply this understanding to the events that occur – your IAM is teaching you.
As 2012 progresses we will experience a greater influx of spiritual energy and light giving us the ability to increase our own soul light, the light from our soul then radiates out from us through our aura into the world. This greater influx of energy doesn’t mean we will have more energy necessarily, in fact, initially it can mean the opposite…this greater energy and light is a higher frequency than we are used to and can be draining on our energy system until we are more used to it.  
“Everything amplified…everything all at once” means many things as you journey through the next few years.  It will be an experience.  Whenever the IAMness is involved there is always greater amplification (and effect) to whatever you do, think, feel and experience.  If this happening to you then you know that your IAM energy is close, this is a good thing.  There has been much emphasis over the past twentyfive years or so on training one’s thoughts (ie positive thinking), this has been an influence from the spiritual worlds for us to use the power of our minds more constructively, knowing that once your IAM is more activated in the future, then whatever is in your mind will be amplified a 100%, or 1000%, or 10,000%.  So what are you thinking? Do you want that amplified?  Don’t forget the Universal Law that you ‘attract what you radiate,’ so whatever you radiate out you will attract back…what thoughts are you sending out?
Your IAM energy/light is attracting to itself what you need for you to be more whole, more you.  It is already all within you, held like a beautiful bud that needs the encouragement of warm sunlight to unfold, and blossom into its full glory.  This sounds lovely, but the process, the unfolding can be challenging at times (not all the time).  This is how you may feel during 2012:  tension in the air, pressure building, and feelings of wanting to burst. Like the fever that doesn’t break. There will be much instability and crisis, feeling like we are limbo; we are all waiting for something to happen, something to break.  
The world is in the very early stages of massive change on every level, as the old world, the old way, old consciousness dissolves.  We are sowing the seeds that will create the next 500 years. You agreed to come and live at this incredible time, and to help bring in the new energy, the new way of being. 
It doesn’t stop with 2012, as if it is one long year into 2013, 2014, 2015, and we can have a spiritual holiday in 2016.  
There has never been a year in your life, nor will there ever be, like 2012, expect many life-changing events. We've been preparing for this moment for very many years. So this is an extremely rare year….the magnitude of this year and how it will influence us cannot be overstated, although we may only see this in hindsight. 
The increase in spiritual light pouring out towards us blesses us and the earth, but can also initially cause chaos.  Especially where there is any dishonesty or unfairness both within us and within the world.  There could be much chaos in 2012.  The light also accelerates and amplifies one’s karmic lessons, especially those karmic situations where you are stuck, or you feel stuck.  You are about to get unstuck!  
When there is so much power in the air, you need to balance and ground yourself to keep on track. Keep remembering what matters the most. You will need to penetrate the layers of illusion that have delayed you or taken you off track. Things are moving so fast we need to do this on a constant basis.  There will be a strange mix of in-your-face-reality and delusion.  If this happens just deal with today, and go day by day.
We are living through a period of time that will be studied by people far in the future. We have the incredible privilege of being alive at this time. Life is intense; this is because we are experiencing an historical moment of transition. A leap in consciousness that will change everything.
On 21 December, the Earth is in a direct alignment with the centre of our galaxy, because of this powerful energies and forces will be coming straight towards us, everything will be amplified, magnified.  Even the planets and stars will have a greater influence on us now and in future.  We will feel more sensitive, raw, more open to their different energies and influences.  We must learn to deal with this…not be overwhelmed, and not manifesting just fear and chaos.  It takes a conscious decision. 
From June 2012 there is another amplification of the energies, it will be an immense time…if the world doesn’t sort out the financial uncertainty, or at least start reconstructing more in accordance with Divine Law, there will be a tremendous financial crisis in the world.  
It is easy to see Archangel Michael at work here, tearing down the old so that we can create the new on more honest, solid foundations for the entire world. Growth will NOT be god, there will be lower sustainable growth and new ideas about what matters in the economy.  Also, there will be questions about democracy, about free market capitalism, and about corruption being revealed in governments, media, sport, and many organizations that wield too much power.
For many, the developing energies from 2012 will be the most exciting thing that's ever happened, the moment of real understanding and participation. Others will shake their heads at how crazy the world seems to be. 
The world of crystals, both those within the Earth and those above the Earth are also being activated, and amplified. I have not seen this level of activation since the time of Atlantis, when crystals were much more powerful than they are now, and were used for many diverse things, such as tools, or for healing, or to create a certain environment etc.
There is a crystal network or grid, and it is BUZZING!! For 2012 the two crystals that will help you the most are:  KUNSZITE and DIAMONDS.  
The diamond is the crystal of IAM.  It is the highest vibrational stone, attracting the highest frequency of light to pass through it…this is why diamonds are so valued.  It is pure carbon and hardest of all substances.  The flawless diamond has the same qualities as the IAM:  a brilliant light; an inner fire, perfection, the greatest strength and beauty, and is protective and magical.  
JET (lesser carbon diamond) can also be used; it awakens your Body of Light, so that you are more able to receive the imprints from the spiritual worlds/light.
Working with kunszite releases in you a bubbly light energy; this is the energy of the new consciousness.  Kunszite feels very feminine