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Lord Buddha's gentle aura of compassion, wisdom and strength, embraces the planet and everyone on it. He sustains the divine spark of consciousness for the evolution of humanity. Lord Buddha unceasingly brings you back into the light of the divine in a very loving, gentle and unassuming way. Lord Buddha's energy is needed very much at this time to balance the energies of the human soul.

Lord Buddha is an Ascended Master.  As a great pure love being Lord Buddha is not exclusive to the Buddhist religion.  Lord Buddha is part of, and yet far exceeds, our perception of him as the Buddha.

The title Buddha means ‘enlightened one’; it is from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘awake’, or ‘perceived’ or ‘known’. This title denotes an office in the spiritual hierarchy which is attained by passing certain initiations of the Sacred Fire; these raise the kundalini, which is the spiritual fire within you.

Lord Buddha’s aura of compassion, wisdom and love embraces the whole world. His energy filters thought to us from the Second Ray, which is the Cosmic Ray of Wisdom. Buddha holds the office of  ‘God of the Earth’, and is the divine being referred to in the Book of Revelation, in Chapter 11, v 4.

In our Universe, Lord Buddha holds the energy, the Light, for those who have lost direct contact with their own ‘I AM-NESS’, their Higher Self, which is part of the Christ Consciousness. The reason that they have lost direct contact with this divine spark within themselves is that they have created so much negative karma, or ‘sin’, in their lives here on earth that they are now unable to magnetise sufficient light from the Godhead to sustain their soul’s incarnation on Earth. In other words, they are now unable to exist physically here on earth. Their higher self, their ‘I AM’ presence is so weak that it is unable to sustain physical life, or incarnation; it cannot attract the spark of life anymore.

If Lord Buddha did not hold the light in the spiritual realm for these souls, they would be lost forever. He holds the Divine Light for them so that they still have the potential to learn, to awake, and to harmonise their negative karma. This is the tremendous love and compassion and mercy that he shows for humanity.

Little statues of ‘buddha’ with a little fat tummy are not representations of Lord Buddha; these are of a Chinese deity, and are mostly ‘good luck’ gods in the Chinese tradition.  Lord Buddha was ascetic, not fat but slim, and these do not represent him.  The buddhas of Thailand are more nearly like him.

Discover how this Master can help you
All Cobolt products help you connect more powerfully with the Ascended Masters. This Master brings you divine love and helps you in many ways, in particular, connection with Master Lord Buddha:

•  Heals your soul

•  Brings peace and ease

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Meditation CD

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Ascended Master Lord Buddha
Use this oil to heal your soul…to make everything feel at ease; to have a sense of peace in the eternal; for modesty, humility and compassion. Usage: Heart chakra/or hand chakras (palm of hands).



Ascended Master Lord Buddha
These unique Master Meditation CDs will give you an experience of each individual Ascended Master. The Masters will touch you through the power of these Master meditations - drawing close to you in meditation.

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