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Lord Chiron is a powerful spiritual being who has walked the path before us, and is dedicated now to showing us the way.  His way is a questing journey: always, a quest.  His energy and his teaching are healing because they lift you to a higher level of awareness, an expanded consciousness, another level of bliss. 

When we hear the word ‘Chiron’ we usually think of the Wounded Healer archetype, but this is a very limited interpretation of the Ascended Master Lord Chiron.  He is much more than that, because Lord Chiron teaches people to be heroes; and, as we know, there are many types of hero…   Lord Chiron teaches and directs humanity in MASTERY.  Eventually, this teaching can lead a soul to becoming an ascended master. 

The Quest is always about learning and healing through AWARENESS, so in the quest Lord Chiron heals you by giving you the opportunity to learn and to heal yourself through becoming more aware - waking up, expanding your consciousness.

On November 1 in 1977 a ‘rock’ in the sky was discovered, located between the planets Saturn and Uranus, and named ‘Chiron’ by the astronomers who found it.  This was significant, indicating that it was time for the things belonging to Lord Chiron to become more accessible to, and realised by, human consciousness; we were ready to start receiving and understanding the essence of Lord Chiron.  It was from this time that so-called alternative healing modalities were ‘recalled’ or remembered and brought into everyday life, and this process will continue as we move forward. 

Obviously, the orbiting rock called Chiron, (with a period of about 50 years), is not Lord Chiron, but he is energetically connected to it, and it is, as it were, a springboard for his energies to reach into our consciousness.

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Ascended Master Lord Chiron
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