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Guardian of the Threshold of the Passing, Master Julian Works with Lord Sananda (Master Jesus) on Karmic Board but he is not a board member. Master Julian can be called upon to help the process we call dying he will help make the transition from this world into the Light easier for the soul departing he will, through his great love, hold the portal open and help the soul move into the realm of love with greater ease. Julian can also be called upon to strengthen, uphold and ease the grief of the family and loved ones who are mourning.

Julian’s titles are Keeper of the Akashic Records, or Akashic Scrolls, and Guardian of the Threshold of Transition, or Passing.
As Keeper of the Akashic Records, Master Julian oversees the soul journey of each individual, and its progress (or failure to progress). However, Master Julian is not sitting in judgement on you; in the process of the soul’s journey and progress in the flesh, he watches over you without judgement. You alone, and your higher self within, judge you; this is much more dynamic than being judged by someone else.

Each soul has its own particular vibration, and our soul sends out its vibration all the time; constantly sending its own ‘music’ into the spiritual world, our world, and other worlds. Our vibration imprints upon our own unique scroll or record; this record is our own point in the etheric worlds, and we call it our personal Akashic Record. From the moment that your soul started its journey, aeons ago, everything that you have ever thought, said or done, has been recorded on your Akashic scroll, by the vibration of your act moving out from you to your point in the Akasha. Now that microchips are commonplace, the possibility of a tiny space holding enormous amounts of information is much easier for us to accept and  comprehend.

Seers and clairvoyants who have attained a certain level of development, and who are permitted to, can access and read the Akashic records of an individual. This only happens if Master Julian permits it; the clairvoyant is allowed to see certain parts of the individual’s Akashic record always and only for the benefit of that soul. It is never allowed just for the benefit of the clairvoyant.

Discover how this Master can help you
All Cobolt products help you connect more powerfully with the Ascended Masters. This Master brings you divine love and helps you in many ways, in particular Master Julian helps:

•  You transform

•  Comforts in death and mourning

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Ascended Master Julian
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Ascended Master Julian
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