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DK is a Teacher who has vast knowledge of the mysteries. Also known as "The Tibetan" and DK, he trains souls to embrace the Christ Consciousness and prepares them for service to humanity. Djwal Khul can remove fear-based processes from your soul memory. He is Messenger of the Masters. DK has recently ascended, and because of this he relates strongly to how it is to be incarnated in this consciousness, at this time.

Djwal Khul has been asked to head a special teaching school, which brings the spiritual teachings and the spiritual truth into the awareness of humanity. This special school, which exists in the spiritual ethers, is called Synthesis, which means ‘bringing it all together’. Since Djwal founded this school, the word ‘synthesis’ has become an almost trendy word in our common vocabulary. When something becomes alive in our consciousness this is what happens - we start to hear and use the word in our everyday language.

We can access this school, especially during sleep and deep meditation. Djwal Khul has very many students here now on Earth; even if you are not aware of it, or are not aware of the Ascended Masters and Djwal Khul, on a soul level you may still be connected to him and he may still be a teacher and guide of yours.

Discover how this Master can help you
All Cobolt products help you connect more powerfully with the Ascended Masters. This Master brings you divine love and helps you in many ways, in particular Master Djwal Khyl:

•  Removes fear

•  Teaches the Lightworkers

PDF Document
Meditation CD

To connect to Ascended Master Djwal Khul use our 8 page lesson (PDF document) combined with our Meditation CD (downloadable) which can be downloaded together for AUD$24.95

You can purchase Ascended Master Djwal Khul PDF by itself for $9.95


Ascended Master Djwal Khul
Use this Master oil to teach and open yourself to the deeper mysteries of life. Djwal Khul will shake up your aura to allow this lesson to come in! Usage: Solar Plexus.



Ascended Master Djwal Khul
These unique Master Meditation CDs will give you an experience of each individual Ascended Master. The Masters will touch you through the power of these Master meditations - drawing close to you in meditation.

(Download online - no CD will be mailed)
(No online download - CD will be mailed to your postal address)


Books available from Cobolt Connection
Chakras - AUD$32.95
Ascended Masters Volume I - AUD$39.95
Ascended Masters Volume II - AUD$39.95
Bliss - AUD$29.95




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