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Lady Mary lovingly supports those who take on the sacred task of motherhood. She will help you develop patience, support, guidance and tender, motherly love for others and yourself. She serves humanity as the Great Mother. She embodied the great task of being the Mother of Jesus. Through her divine heart the light of love, particularly family love, goes out to millions.

Lady Mary’s etheric retreat is over Lourdes, in France. This physical place has become well known over the last hundred and fifty years, as being somewhere that the Virgin Mary has many times been reported to appear; she is first reported to have been seen here by a young peasant girl in 1858. At that time Mary appeared there eighteen times; she instructed the child to dig a hole in a certain spot, and told her that Holy Water would spring from that place. The girl did this, and eventually a grotto was built at the holy spring, and it has become one of the most famous of the world’s healing shrines. Still today thousands of people make the healing pilgrimage to the Shrine at Lourdes every year; people experience miraculous healing there. Lady Mary’s energy is focused at Lourdes, through the etheric – which is just above the physical realm.

You do not necessarily have to visit Lourdes to receive the healing energy of our Beloved Lady Mary.  She is with you always, ask her for healing for yourself, your family, your friends, or for the world.

Discover how this Master can help you
All Cobolt products help you connect more powerfully with the Ascended Masters. This Master brings you divine love and helps you in many ways, in particular Lady Mary:

•  Brings you healing

•  Heals family disunity

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Ascended Master Lady Mary
Use this oil to support family love; mothering, nurturing, caring; healing. Usage: Heart Chakra.



Ascended Master Lady Mary
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