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Archangel Michael calls us to Truth, Integrity and Power. He demands that we develop and rely upon our inner knowing and the spiritual worlds, to develop this within us he will strip away all that which belongs to the old, and anything that is ‘no longer true' for us. Michael's energy is very powerful and mistakenly fiery! He uses his sword to cut and bless. Archangel Michael and his blue lightning angels protect instantly. Michael calls us to speak our truth and stand in our power as an IAMness. Archangel Michael is very close in our consciousness at this time heralding the new age – an age of resurrection, of joy.

Archangel Michael is the herald of the new consciousness, he is calling you to wake up, to dare to become who you really are, and to stand in your truth. The sword he carries is the Sword of Truth.  He wields the Truth of the Christ Consciousness – all Ascended Masters and all those of the angelic realm work under the Christ consciousness*.

Always, in the background of your life, is Archangel Michael, a mighty loving being. He has come much closer to us in recent years to help us to remember who we really areHe does this primarily by making us aware of who we are not.  What is it that we need to let go of that is not truly our real self? There are layers and layers of learned behaviour in us, which we have taken on in this and other lifetimes, that we no longer need, and maybe never needed; that which is not truly our soul, weighs down on our soul. For instance, we cannot learn joy if we are bombarded with fear, insecurity and by dark forces. If we could really remember who we are in essence then this would bring us to our Joy.   

Our Beloved Michael releases us, and takes us back to our essence.  He uses the Sword of Truth to do this. Michael creates a safe place here on earth and within the cosmos for you, so that you are free to do your work, to learn and to experience.

Because Archangel Michael is breaking down the old consciousness, you can ask him to cut you free from any unwanted bonds; bonds with other people, or with groups, or nations - whether these are from your recent life or past lives. Only ask for this if you are sure that the person or situation no longer serves your highest good, for the cutting he effects is complete and permanent. 

Archangel Michael holds the balance between the negative spiritual forces of Lucifer and Arhiman – as it states in the Book of Revelation, Michael is ‘warring against’ these forces. (Revelations, Chapter 12 v7).

Archangel Michael is your friend and protector, call on him often, daily if desired – he is waiting for your call.  Call on him for protection, for peace, for freedom.  He is with you always.

*Christ Consciousness is not directly related to, or limited by, Christianity; it is a Universal consciousness of pure love, a divine principle not confined to any particular creed or tradition.

Discover how this Master can help you
All Cobolt products help you connect more powerfully with the Ascended Masters. This Master brings you divine love and helps you in many ways.

In particular connection with Archangle Michael gives you:

•  Psychic protection

•  The ability to own your personal power

•  Help you to cut loose from from the past in an appropriate way


To connect to Ascended Master Archangel Michael use our 7 page lesson (PDF document) combined with our Meditation CD (downloadable) which can be downloaded together for AUD$24.95

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Archangel Michael
Herald for now and the future, bringing in the new consciousness. This oil gives you psychic protection and helps you to stand in your truth and integrity. Own your personal power, cut away the old and what is no longer true. Usage: Throat chakra.



Archangel Michael
These unique Master Meditation CDs will give you an experience of each individual Ascended Master. The Masters will touch you through the power of these Master meditations - drawing close to you in meditation.

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