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Lady Portia is the archetype of the 21st century woman - free, whole and in her power. Connecting with Lady Portia's energy will help bring you into balance - bringing harmony, inner equilibrium and stability to all levels of your being. Portia is working especially with women at the moment, 'pushing' them to the forefront in whatever they excel in - this is to bring balance between the masculine and feminine within the world. Lady Portia is depicted as the woman holding the scales in justice courts and also as the Statue of Liberty. Lady Portia is the twin flame of St. Germain and as such holds the office of Hierarch of the Aquarian Age.

Lady Portia is the feminine archetype for the Aquarian Age. Since about 1998 she has been encouraging women who are strong from within, to come to the fore in whatever field they belong. This change will bring more balance in all arenas of life, and we will see many more women taking on leadership roles (in a feminine way) in Government, corporations, commerce, health, education, finance and so on. Undoubtedly, she will have been pushing you to be more who you are, and to live your dream. Your dream is your Destiny! (Otherwise you could not or would not feel it as a ‘dream’ to be fulfilled.)

Lady Portia is the feminine force for the new consciousness. Portia Power!
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Discover how this Master can help you
All Cobolt products help you connect more powerfully with the Ascended Masters. This Master brings you divine love and helps you in many ways, in particular Master Lady Portia:

•  Increases your female power

•  Enables justice, success and excellence

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To connect to Ascended Master Lady Portia use our 7 page lesson (PDF document) combined with our Meditation CD (downloadable) which can be downloaded together for AUD$24.95

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Ascended Master Lady Portia
This Master oil is particularly useful to help women move more fully into their power, to excel; pushing women to the forefront of their chosen path, removes the 'veils', attracts great opportunities. It is the Aquarian Age. Usage: Solar plexus/Nape of neck.



Ascended Master Lady Portia
These unique Master Meditation CDs will give you an experience of each individual Ascended Master. The Masters will touch you through the power of these Master meditations - drawing close to you in meditation.

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