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Lady Venus holds the Initiation into Love for humanity, which requires us to 'love in a greater way' beyond our understanding. Lady Venus is playing an increasing role in the evolution of human souls - helping to balance and eradicate the negative energies our thoughts have given off down the ages - through beauty, love, exquisiteness and the arts. Lady Venus is the twin flame of Sanat Kumara.

The initiation of Love brings us eventually in our evolution into Bliss, and one day we all have to pass through this great test. We are all still learning about love and, as Venus says, ‘it’s ok to get it wrong’, because we are all still learning; as long as we pick ourselves up and try again when we fail. This is a great quality of human beings, that they will love again and again, even though they have been hurt before. Their impulse to love is indomitable.

Lady Venus brings us to the divine principle of Beauty and Exquisiteness.

Discover how this Master can help you
All Cobolt products help you connect more powerfully with the Ascended Masters. This Master brings you divine love and helps you in many ways, in particular, Master Lady Venus:

•  Helps you with romance and love

•  Gives beauty and harmony

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Meditation CD

To connect to Ascended Master Lady Venus use our 8 page lesson (PDF document) combined with our Meditation CD (downloadable) which can be downloaded together for AUD$24.95

You can purchase Ascended Master Lady Venus PDF by itself for $9.95


Ascended Master Lady Venus
Lady Venus Master Oil exudes the vibration of love, beauty and exquisiteness. Encourages the artistic impulse in you. Usage: Heart chakra/or hand chakra (palm of hands).



Ascended Master Lady Venus
These unique Master Meditation CDs will give you an experience of each individual Ascended Master. The Masters will touch you through the power of these Master meditations - drawing close to you in meditation.

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Books available from Cobolt Connection
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Bliss - AUD$29.95




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