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Ascended Master Lady Vesta is a feminine force like no other.  She is a great being who has not been ‘close to’ the consciousness of mankind for many centuries, but the time has come for this beautiful being and her energy to become part of us again.

Lady Vesta holds the Light or Flame of the Sacred Fire alive within her being. Through this divine act she enables us to access the Sacred Fire in a divine sense, that is, we are able to connect with this greater divine Light or Flame, and she also enables us to access our own individual core fire that lives within us, waiting to be ignited.

Lady Vesta is the divine consort of Ascended Master Lord Helios.  Lady Vesta has not been close to our consciousness here on Earth for a long time, because we have not been ready. But her essence, and her energy is coming into general awareness more and more as we move into the new consciousness, the new awareness.  This makes sense if we consider the future and the current growing need for liberation and equality of both sexes. 

Lady Vesta works through all the main chakras, but is especially connected to the Base Chakra and Crown Chakra, and the kundalini energy.  If you want closer connection with Lady Vesta, work on harmonizing your Base Chakra.  Another way to bring her closer to you is to wear her vibrational colour or have it in your energy field: a Rich Plum Red.  

Lady Vesta is associated with the sacred flame as one of her symbols, but I think she is much better represented by her higher frequency symbol which is the UNICORN.  This is a mythological creature, that looks like a white horse with a single long horn, that actually represents the Christ force, as well as far away magical realms. The horn is made from two horns twisted together to form a single horn – which symbolises the union of opposites, the perfect balance of male and female, yin and yang, contrasting energies joined and working together in perfection.  The horn has obvious sexual references, and there is much mythological lore relating to the unicorn and virginity.

Call on Lady Vesta to come to you, either when you are in your inner sacred space (in meditation) or just before sleep. 

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Ascended Master Lady Vesta
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