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Since September 11, 2001 - the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, U.S.A - it is more essential than ever that we hold consciously within ourselves a vision for positive transformation for humanity and the world. This can be called Holding the Light for humanity - it’s a divine light, a divine attitude that we hold within us.

The more conscious we are of the Light within us, the brighter it becomes. The more we hold this vision of how humanity could be in our hearts and souls, the possibility becomes greater and more real. We hold this Light for those who cannot or will not connect to it at present, until the day each individual can claim their own Light consciously. We do this in all humility.

You are a LIGHTBEARER – you have incarnated at this amazing time to HOLD THE LIGHT WITHIN YOU. You need to have a lot of spiritual strength to do this, to keep holding the Light no matter what is happening, in your life, or in the world.

This ability to be the Light is due to your evolution, to your training in the ancient days in the Temples – whether it be Atlantis, Egypt, India, Central America. Sometimes we succeeded, sometimes we failed. We are determined NOT to fail this time around.

You have incarnated at this special time to bring in the NEW ENERGIES, NEW CONSCIOUSNESS; You feel like you have one foot in the OLD and one foot in the NEW – it is not easy straddling these two energies (that’s why you need to be strong).
As long as 1% of humanity HOLDS THE LIGHT then all will be well, and as long as 1% of you is always Light (Divine light) then you will always survive and thrive.

So the test for you is that, in the face of great odds, and often much negativity, you stay centred, and still hold that spiritual light within you. You are allowed not more than 33 minutes of negativity per day!

Learn more about how to hold the Light within you, through simple exercises, a meditation and a beautiful yet powerful ritual.

   Did you VOLUNTEER to hold the Light for humanity? Yes! Read on...purchase the 15 page PDF document for AUD$9.95 and learn more. Included with this PDF is an A4 Holding the Light Meditation symbol.


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    Feedback: "A truly unique experience while I viewed your website. A pure breath of fresh air for light bearers to consume... this is magnifecent, to the point, and objective information unlike anything else I have read on the internet!!! In love and light Natalie"

- Natalie Abshire


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