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The human aura is an electro-magnetic field radiating out from the physical body. It has seven layers containing both the astral body and the etheric body. To explain it very simply, the etheric body is the life force (chi) within us, and the astral body gives us consciousness and the ability to move.

The colours which can be seen are usually the astral body colours, they can be very light, dynamic and vibrant, or dull, wishy-washy and heavy. These colours are an expression of the individual’s soul and consciousness, and change as we develop. (The soul is in the astral body.)

The average human auric field extends from the physical body for approximately 60cm (24 inches).

'Aura' is a general term for the group of energy bodies which enclose our physical body. It can be seen as a cloud of light of varying colours around the physical body, and the condition of the individual and the individual’s soul is reflected in its shape and colours. Learn about your aura, and how to nourish and energize it!

   To understand what affects your aura (you), what the auric colours mean and how to balance your energies there is a 23 page PDF document available online for purchase at a cost of AUD$9.95. Also included in this document is an A4 size symbol that you can print.



    Feedback: "A truly unique experience while I viewed your website. A pure breath of fresh air for light bearers to consume... this is magnifecent, to the point, and objective information unlike anything else I have read on the internet!!! In love and light Natalie"

- Natalie Abshire

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