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Manifesting is the ability to give three-dimensional reality to an idea, concept or thought. In order to manifest successfully, that is, to bring an idea into physical being, you need to be very grounded, very connected to the earth and your own physical body.

Doubt, fear, stress and too much humility are the biggest blocks to manifesting your dream. Imagine being so aware and focused in your thinking, so connected to the earth and alive in your body, and so present and powerful, that you can know with deep trust and conviction that you can manifest, anything you want for your highest good!

Cobolt has developed a powerful manifesting symbol with the assistance of the higher beings which is used in the Bliss Book (Gate One) and in the Manifesting Course.

The manifesting symbol helps to clear and realign you, and ground you, all of which is necessary for manifesting. It often helps you to manifest what you really need rather than just what you think you need!

The symbol is also available for purchase. See Sun Shop for more details on all these items.

Make your dreams come true! Learn the formula for manifesting.

   Is there something missing in your life? Learn how to manifest your dream. You can purchase a 15 page PDF document online which teaches you how, at a cost of AUD$9.95. Also included is an A4 page symbol you can print which helps you menifest!



    Feedback: "A truly unique experience while I viewed your website. A pure breath of fresh air for light bearers to consume... this is magnifecent, to the point, and objective information unlike anything else I have read on the internet!!! In love and light Natalie"

- Natalie Abshire


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