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BLISS by Claire East
Bliss is a journey and a destination!

Working with this dynamic book brings you profound change in your life. In clear practical steps this handbook guides you through the Six Gates of Consciousness, taking you on an accelerated journey through your own soul's awareness; waking up parts of yourself that lie dormant; extending your self towards its highest potential. Here are simple tools and profound spiritual knowledge to aid you in your journey, and in a language you can understand. Here are startling new ideas and information enabling you to break old negative patterns of behaviour and achieve positive change.

BLISS brings you rare insights into life now, and in the near future, as the new and powerful spiritual forces hit our world demanding that we raise our vibrations to a higher frequency and move forward our evolution.

This book is about you, the new consciousness, and how you feel - how to prepare yourself, empower yourself and survive the change, and do it well.


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