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CHAKRA BOOK by Claire East
A new look at the chakras for the 21st century!
What karmic lessons are you holding in your chakras?

This insightful book helps you to recognize and clear these karmic lessons and patterns from your chakras, your soul and your life. Each chakra holds within its energy certain karmic lessons or patterns from previous lives. From these lives there may be certain unresolved wounding that creates issues relating to that chakra and its corresponding functioning in your physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. Come to grips with your karmic patterns from past lives that have helped create the circumstances of your life today. Working consciously with the karmic issue will release this chakra like nothing else!

In this book we will look at each of the main chakras in turn. You will discover how they work, which ones in you need the most attention or cleansing, and what you need to do to bring them into a state of balance. The chakras are fundamental to healing, and to living life brilliantly! Applying the practical tools given in this book to your everyday life will quickly build within you strong, vibrant, harmonious spiritual centres (chakras) that will bring you a greater sense of self, a connectedness, relaxation, and a more vibrant life.

Lay a firm foundation so your higher spiritual gifts are able to blossom!


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