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ASCENDED MASTERS Volume I by Claire East
Masters of Light for the 21st Century
Unveil the mysteries of life!

Who are the Ascended Masters? What relevance do they have to our time, here and now, in the 21st Century? Who are these great beings, who have walked the path before us? How can they help us? How do we bring them more consciously into our lives? This book answers these questions, and many more.

The Masters support us on our path, in our questing, because of their great love for Humanity. In this book much is revealed from the dimension of the Masters: some of this is already known to the esoteric world and some is not. Now that humanity is going through the process of profound change, the time has come for greater connection to these living beings, and for the rapid acceleration of your consciousness. Having a more conscious connection to these great loving beings brings immeasurable benefit - you will be guided in your life, your soul will be nourished, your heart will be full with love, and you will know your purpose for being here. The more you work with the Masters the stronger this benefit becomes, and the more light you become, attracting many to you, also wanting what you have found.

Startling new information is given in this book direct from the Ascended Masters to you. There are new spiritual energies available to humanity now! Learn about the Masters and the new energies that are here now, helping humanity evolve towards its greatest potential. We are ready! Together, with this extra push from the Beings of Light we will do it!
Volume I introduces you to twelve different Ascended Masters - these particular Masters bring us to the threshold, to lead us into the New Age, towards a new and higher consciousness.


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