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ASCENDED MASTERS Volume II by Claire East
Masters of Light for the 21st Century
Unveil the mysteries of life!

The Masters of Light have special relevance to your life right here and now! The Masters want to become a living reality to you, and by giving you a better connection to and understanding of their energies, they will help you make a success of your life, and find a place of joy! The Masters featured in this Volume greet us at the threshold and show us the way forward, they will not do it for us, but they can guide and assist from a divine level. The Masters want us to connect with them more consciously; they are real and dynamic beings with powerful ways of helping each of us here on the Earth plane.

Volume II brings you another twelve Ascended Masters - these particular Masters bring you healing, higher consciousness and future consciousness; enter the mystery teachings with these wonderful Masters.

Whichever Master Volume you are drawn to, you have chosen to experience a particular Ascended Master or Masters ) because He or She lives deeply within your soul. This Master has guided you to reach out for him or her, and breaks open the sacred seal held in your energy field, your aura, and to allow you to become more fully the divine being that you are.


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