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Symbols are the language of the soul. Colour and symbols were the way of communicating before language was created. A symbol always has many layers of meaning contained within it that reach far beyond the literal, logical, rational interpretation. They also have an energetic value and act in your physical and subtle bodies to a corresponding vibration.

Symbols bypass the logical-rational part of your brain and connect to the instinctive, intuitive, feeling part of the brain. Symbols lead you to a deeper and greater understanding of the mysteries of the universe, enriching your life with another dimension of discovery. Symbols are a paradox the logical mind cannot understand: you need to use your soul to access the wisdom they contain.

Symbols will be more important in the future. They will be used as a healing tool, and as a way of learning. The way this works is that the energy of the symbol imprints upon the aura and the soul and the wisdom of the symbol will become part of our conscious mind. The effect of symbols (like Crop Circles) upon the mind depends upon the ‘softness’ of your etheric body – the softer it is the more we are able to receive the imprint and knowledge. The etheric body also needs to be strong. Soft and strong.

Symbols are the language of the soul. Learn about how dreams, colours, numbers and many other symbols profoundly affect our lives.

   Understand the 7 types of dreams - this 24 page PDF document gives the basic meaning of the common symbols that surround us, the meaning of different colours, numbers and astrology (stars) and gives great guidance in your life. Cost to purchase this document online is AUD$9.95.


    Feedback: "A truly unique experience while I viewed your website. A pure breath of fresh air for light bearers to consume... this is magnifecent, to the point, and objective information unlike anything else I have read on the internet!!! In love and light Natalie"

- Natalie Abshire
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