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Time is at Hand by Claire East
2012 and Beyond!


In this provocative and inspiring book Claire East explores a possible future for all humanity.

The Time is at Hand is a book like none other, it is written in the year 2012. The reader becomes a witness of a future meeting held in the spiritual worlds, as the Council of Light discuss the next stage of evolution, the Programme of Light.

This story is an account of this gathering in the heavens, as different Masters of Light discuss their individual contribution to the Plan of Evolution. Claire describes the meeting to which she is invited, and through this experience conveys a very revealing look into the world of the Ascended Masters.

In tracing threads of events from the ancient past to events in the future, Claire East draws together a new vision for how humanity can be in the 21st century. Claire’s account also explores the relevance of the far past Atlantean era to the time we are living through now, and many of humanity’s current challenges, such as the global financial crisis, the end of the old ways, and the beginning of unlimited consciousness.

Daring to go beyond normal time, looking back on today from the future, you start to see and sense the spiritual truth and cosmic law unfold…you feel the future time.

This book will challenge your thinking and beliefs, and prepare you energetically for that which is to come. The time is at hand…


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